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Violence in Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Violence in Media

Violence in Media

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Violence in Media

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  1. Violence in Media Video Games By: FarwaNaeem, Salina Noun, Carson Reed, Sumyee Ngo

  2. Introduction Is there too much violence in video games? Commonbeliefs & misconceptions • Games rot the brain, ( no they can stimulate the brain and has show to increase IQ of individuals ) • Hard time distinguishing between fantasy and reality

  3. Psychological Perspective • Desensitized towards violence • Brain images of children playing video games showed less response to shocking images in a result of playing violent video games. • Operant conditioning • Encourages violent actions through positive and negative reinforcements • Social cognitive theory • Tendency of imitating those with attractive qualities or are similar to ourselves • Maslow's hierarchy of needs • Gaming takes precedence over other needs

  4. Sociological Perspective • Roles: • role as a student • Required to respect their peers •  Symbolic Interactism • conform into society. • Teens and children get influenced by violent video games • Interpret the violent moves and tend to apply them in real life. •  TEENS • A study was done on 8th and 9th graders to determine the link between video games and its effects on behaviours of teens in society • Students with high and low exposure to violent video games got into physical fights • Caused fights even when amount of play was controlled with parental restrictions • Conclusion of this research states less violence in video games will result in better interactions with peers • 2009 study indicated, 7.7% high school students reported of being threatened or injured with a weapon on school property.

  5. Children • Sometimes when children play violent video games, and see the actions being shown they tend to imitate them • Kids getting in trouble by teachers.  • 37% children got into physical fights • Video games were criticized by parents for promoting violence to teens and children • Media • Kids view the world as more violent • Kids believe that violence is the solution to problems • parents should pay attention to what their kids are playing and that it is • Parent’s responsibility to prevent their children from what they think is inappropriate • The Canadian system has four main ratings. “E” for everyone”, ”T” for teens and “M” for mature and “C” for early childhood.

  6. Anthropological Perspective • Media has a strong influence on society which includes video games • Some video games are very violent and can have a reputation for some incidents • In Manitoba, a 13 year old male shot his 15 year old friend because he was impersonating a character in the game Grand Theft Auto • In USA, a murderer of 5 admitted that Grand Theft Auto was a major influence • Devin Moore killed 3 police men, and was said to play grand theft auto obsessively • Lawyers believed he was trained to kill by these games

  7. Video

  8. Argument Good • Allows teens and children take their anger out on the characters in the game instead of taking their anger out on their peers • Some libraries have introduced video games, where teens can go play video games with their friends • Playing games with other people helps them interact with others and be active, instead of being home alone all the time and playing by themselves. • Bad • Imitation of violencein video games in reality • Isolation can occur as many games keep children indoors and alone • Time spent gaming takes over time for more important things • desensitizes people to violence

  9. Conclusion • - Can influence thinking- Make teens and children aggressive- View characters as role models- Tend to imitate actions and characteristics of characters - Think violence can be rewarding in real life - Effect behaviour in society- Disrespect peers Solutions: • - Media should stop promoting violence- Parent’s should buy what they think will not be a bad influence- Discuss what’s real and fake in video games.

  10. Quiz • Why do some believe that exposure to violence in video games can be problematic among teens and children? teens and children get influenced by the violence seen and experienced in video games that they think it is okay to apply the violent moves done by characters in real life • What video game influenced the death of 3 police men? Grand Theft Auto • Name one part of gamer culture. Gamer conventions • What are the roles of teens and children within society, and how are they expected to act according to those roles? Student role, expected to respect peers and get along with them • State one of the solutions from the conclusion slide. - Media should stop promoting violence- Parent’s should buy what they think will not be a bad influence- Discuss what’s real and fake in video games • What theory suggest that people are more likely to imitate those with attractive attributes or are similar to themselves? Social cogitative theory

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