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Violence Influence in Media PowerPoint Presentation
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Violence Influence in Media

Violence Influence in Media

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Violence Influence in Media

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  1. Violence Influence in Media By: Trevor Isenberg

  2. Media Violence is everywhere you look, on every channel, every commercial, and every video game. Meaning that children and adults alike are being influence into thinking violence is funny and fun when that's clearly not the case Thesis Statement:

  3. Parents often don't realize what a violent video game can do to the brain of a child. Violence Influence in Video Games

  4. Children's brains are meant to pick up as much information from there surroundings and often imitate things that people in there life or on TV do. So think about what a young child that is stuck in his room playing a violent video game such as Grand Theft Auto learns and possibly may imitate from such a video game.

  5. Parents should be more aware of what the are kids is playing • The ESRB rating was designed for parents to help control what they want there children are playing.

  6. Studies have shown that video game violence has shown a positive relationship with aggression of many children.

  7. Since these studies was conducted video games have increased dramatically in the realism of violence.

  8. This means people can experience what its like to hurt or kill someone which may lead to a future aggression or obsession toward violent behaviors.

  9. Many commercials use a mixture of humor and violence in there ads to get people to buy there products. Violence Influence in Commercials

  10. Studies show that humor in ads is a great way to get peoples attention and ultimately buy there product. • But using the combination of humor and violence may result into people thinking that violent behavior is infact funny!

  11. Children who view violent acts on TV tend to imitate these acts and engage in more violent actions in the future.

  12. Children, regardless of there surroundings, generate more aggressive behaviors when exposed to commercials with violent content.

  13. In 1983, approximately $100 million was spent annually on ads containing some sort of violent behavior. • In 2002, approximately $17 billion was spent annually on the same type ads.

  14. This means that even a small percentage of ads containing violent behaviors could influence millions of children

  15. Local News used around America tend to focus on the negative part of whats going on then the postitive. Violence Influence on News and TV

  16. News channels always report brutal crimes or acts of violence over something good that happened in the area.

  17. This could easily influence the younger generation into thinking that the world is full of nothing but violence and in the long run may increase there chances of committing violent acts in the future.

  18. Studies show that by the time children graduate from high school. they have spent more time watching TV then any other activity with the exception of sleep.

  19. Therefore children are constantly being informed and entertained by violence on TV

  20. This means that there is a need to examine the negative impacts that TV may have on the younger generation and find a way to explain to everyone that violence in the media is everywhere and it is ruining children's life's

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