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Eva You

Bread. Eva You. La Baguette. Baguette is a relatively recent product in French culture it was created in the 1920’s. 10 billion baguettes are produced each year in France. Average weight for a baguette is 250g [9oz]

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Eva You

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  1. Bread Eva You

  2. La Baguette • Baguette is a relatively recent product in French culture it was created in the 1920’s. • 10 billion baguettes are produced each year in France. • Average weight for a baguette is 250g [9oz] • Price for a baguette in a traditional bakery is at the moment around 0.7 Euros ($0.6).

  3. La Baguette • 1. Whisk unbleached white flour (300 grams or 2 cups + 3 T), salt (5 grams kosher or 1.5 t), rapid rise yeast (1.5 level teaspoons), vegetable shortening (ca. 3 grams, 1/2 t).2. Add water (200 grams or 3/4 C + 1T, ca. 110-deg-F) mix with a spoon and let sit for 10 minutes, kind of a mini autolyse, it'll make kneading easier.3. Plop dough on counter and knead at least 7 minutes.4. This is the dough after 2 minutes kneading.5. This is the dough after 7 minutes kneading, rounded.6. Place the ball of dough in a container to rise for 1 hour 15 minutes. I use a 2.4 L (10 C) plastic container with a hole punched into the top. This allows the gas to escape.7. This is the risen dough after the first rise. Do not coat the dough with anything!8. Plop out the dough on the counter, round it and cover with a moistened lint-free towel for 20 minutes and NOW, preheat the oven to 450-deg-F.9. We're going to convert it to a baguette form in the next 5 steps. First squash it into an oblong shape and press a groove into the middle.10. Fold the bottom half to the middle.11. Fold the lower half onto the upper half, should be a tight roll.12. Repeat steps 9-10.13. Repeat step 11, finish elongated baguette shape by rolling gently on the counter. I don't care what Rinehart says, it should be tight and dense.14. Place the loaf into the baguette pan, it's 16-17 inches long.15. Cover the rising baguette with a moistened, lint-free towel and let rise for 20-25 minutes.16. Dust the loaf lightly with flour, it facilitates a clean slash. With a visciously sharp implement, slash the loaf several times along the top nearly paralell to the length of the baguette (I never bothered with a lame; I use a chef's knife).17. Bake in the lower third of the oven and upon adding it spray the oven floor and/or sides with a squirt bottle of water for steam. Use at least 50 mL of water (ca. 2 ounces). 18. Remove from oven in 25-30 minutes, should be golden on the outside. Do not cut it for at least 15 minutes. As it cools it should crackle.

  4. Pain de campagne • Pain de campagne is “country bread in French. • It is typically a large round loaf made from a natural leavening similar to, but not as sour as, American sourdough. • Most traditional versions of this breads are made with a combination of white flour with whole wheat flour and rye flour, water, leavening and salt.

  5. Pain de campagne INGREDIENTS Starter: 1 cup fine or stone-ground whole wheat flour 1 tablespoon nonfat dry milk 2 packages dry yeast 1 cup hot water (120-130F degrees) Sponge: 2 cups hot water (120-130F degrees) 3 cups bread or all-purpose flour Dough: 1 tablespoon salt 3 cups all-purpose/bread flour

  6. pain de mie • “Pain” in French means “bread” or “loaf of bread” and “mie means “crumb”. • This bread has sugar in it, which makes it sweeter than most French breads, and even with the sugar pain de mie is still not as sweet as most American breads. • This bread usually used for making sandwiches or for toasting.

  7. pain complet • Pain Complet is a whole wheat type bread with a medium-fine crumb. • It is made with a mix of both French flour type 55 (white bread flour) and type 80 (wholewheat flour). • It is not the same as “pain integral”, whose flour is totally whole wheat flour.

  8. pain au lait • Actually this is the bread for foie gras. • Slightly sweet, it can be used for other types of mousse pates.

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