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  2. WIB SYSTEMS LTD WIB SYSTEMS WIB Systems Ltd is providing a comprehensive coverage under a single roof in the areas of advice and guidance, development, installation and application of all security and low-tension systems.

  3. WIB SYSTEMS LTD Projects Integration of these capabilities with a low-tension engineering and technical capability, relying on the supply of equipment from the world's leading companies, produces a winning combination enabling the successful setting up and application of projects composed of a range of solutions at the forefront of worldwide technology, according to the- Turn Key Projects method.

  4. WIB SYSTEMS LTD support services The company provides a range of services including advice on and characterization of systems, a combination of computer networks with communications infrastructure and security systems, installation and running in of systems on site and contract management of low-tension systems.

  5. WIB SYSTEMS LTD Global WIB SYSTEMS operates both in Israel and abroad in the area of marketing, installation and servicing of advanced communications systems. WIB SYSTEMS is in partnership with a major company in Europe and this cooperation between the two creates a synergy to the benefit of all their clients!

  6. WIB SYSTEMS LTD Service The WIB service center operates 24 hours a day every day of the year, and the company offers a variety of service agreements which ensure a quick response to each service call. The company provides high quality laboratory services for all equipment.

  7. WIB SYSTEMS LTD Integrated IP infrastructure WIB SYSTEMS enables its clients to benefit from the wide experience and knowledge of the company's staff, and offers to accompany its clients closely with a range of solutions best suited to their available funds and demands. The company brings to the sphere of low-tension systems its experience and capabilities in the areas of computerization, communications and the setting up of infrastructure, bearing in mind the direction in which all systems are converging towards an integrated IP infrastructure.

  8. WIB SYSTEMS LTD AREAS OF ACTIVITY: The Low-tension Systems Division provides comprehensive solutions in the following areas: Safety systems, Security systems, Control systems & Audio-Video

  9. WIB SYSTEMS LTD FIRE & SMOKE DETECTION & FIRE EXTINGUISHING Planning, execution, service and maintenance of fire detection systems, while preserving the Israel Standards Institute standard No. 1220 and European standards BS EN-54, CP-10 and N-54. WIB Systems Ltd. installs a variety of systems which are among the leading and most advanced in their field, including automatic extinguishing products certified by UL/FM produced by the U.S. company FIKE.

  10. WIB SYSTEMS LTD PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM & EMERGENCY EVACUATION Planning, execution, service and maintenance of public address and background music systems in accordance with specification 160 of the Israel Police. The systems are integrated with fire detection systems. Analog and digital systems – TCP/IP which facilitate connection to LAN and WAN systems.

  11. WIB SYSTEMS LTD EMERGENCY BUTTON & NURSE CALLING SYSTEM Planning, execution, service and maintenance of nurse calling systems and emergency button systems. The systems are connected to a central control unit for display and follow-up.

  12. CLOSED CIRCUIT TV (CCTV) WIB SYSTEMS LTD Planning, execution, service and maintenance of CCTV, surveillance, digital recording & analysis. Supply of CCTV equipment which is among the most advanced in the world. Including hidden, mobile (PTZ) and IP cameras. Digital recording systems comprising from 4 to thousands of cameras.

  13. Vigilant WIB SYSTEMS LTD

  14. WIB SYSTEMS LTD DETECTION AND PREVENTION OF BREAK-INS Planning, execution, service and maintenance of systems for detection and prevention of break-ins. Supply of detection equipment including advanced detectors in a variety of types, connection of the system to telephone, wireless, cellular and Internet ! Systems from 6 to hundreds of zones. Supply of RFID systems for control and surveillance.

  15. WIB SYSTEMS LTD ACCESS CONTROL The access control system combines hardware and software and provides a complete solution to management of visitors and access control for the organization's locations, compartmentalized management of authorizations and events, combined with all types of scanners including fingerprint biometric scanners, a smart scanner, and CCTV. The system manages: level of authorization, guards, visitors, alerts, and the issuing of tags.

  16. WIB SYSTEMS LTD (LPR)- LICENSE-PLATE RECOGNITION Supply and integration of systems for identification of vehicles license plates. Prevents access by unauthorized vehicles quickly and effectively. The LPR system is based on software combining a system of high-resolution cameras with a lighting system. The system is linked to information systems and data bases. The system has a high and proven capability for identification even under difficult conditions. The system is connected to access control and security systems.

  17. WIB SYSTEMS LTD INTERCOM SYSTEMS The company markets and installs intercom systems in private houses and condominiums, institutions, enterprises and hotels. Intercom appliances which operate via Bezeq lines and enable speech and the opening of access doors, from any telephone including wireless.

  18. BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (BMS) WIB SYSTEMS LTD The company supplies a building control system enabling complete control of the various systems installed in a building and integrates all the systems at one focal point. The system's advantages are first and foremost economic, saving energy on air-conditioning and lighting and, above all, making the building "green" !

  19. WIB SYSTEMS LTD BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (BMS) Secondly, from a security and safety standpoint, the system provides complete control of all the systems with full integration. The system gathers data and displays them as synoptic images on graphic screens by means of HMI software which is known and open as regards communications protocols.

  20. WIB SYSTEMS LTD SMART BUILDING SYSTEMS The company deals with development, marketing and assistance with the installation of various systems in the home, and provides its customers with a life-style which is more comfortable, safe, economic and pleasant by the integration of smart systems for the home.

  21. WIB SYSTEMS LTD SMART BUILDING SYSTEMS The system enables management and definitions according to various conditions and adaptation of scenarios to each home according to requirements adapted personally to each customer.

  22. WIB SYSTEMS LTD Smart Home abilities

  23. WIB SYSTEMS LTD PROFESSIONAL SOUND SYSTEMS The WIB company supplies and installs professional amplifying systems from the best companies in the world, from home amplifying systems to amplifying and lighting systems for theaters, movie theaters and outdoor events !

  24. WIB SYSTEMS LTD AUDIO & VIDEO SYSTEMS – CONFERENCE ROOMS The company specializes in the setting up of conference rooms and video-conference systems.

  25. 3-DIMENSIONAL SCREENS (3D) WIB SYSTEMS LTD The company provides an inclusive solution for video animation and sound with the most advanced 3D technology in existence today, whether in Israel or abroad. This medium is specialized and enables an all-round 3-dimensional experience for a large number of spectators without the need for a physical model or the use of 3D spectacles. Especially suitable for exhibitions, publicity, design …..

  26. WIB SYSTEMS LTD WIB Systems Ltd. is at your service everywhere and at all times ! We will be happy to add you to our circle of select customers !