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Classroom Procedures and Expectations PowerPoint Presentation
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Classroom Procedures and Expectations

Classroom Procedures and Expectations

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Classroom Procedures and Expectations

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  1. Classroom Procedures and Expectations Mr. Hennessee Lexington Middle School

  2. WELCOME • We’re going to have a Wonderful year together. • Have Positive Expectations! • The Procedures we learn today will help us create a Highly Efficient and Orderly Classroom.

  3. Why Procedures? • Without procedures, students do not know what is expected of them. • Procedures facilitate efficiency. • Human Nature is to have procedures.

  4. Arrival to Class • When you arrive at our class, I will greet you in the hallway. • Students will line up along the wall quietly and we will enter class together. • When you enter the classroom please be seated at your assigned computer terminal. • Prepare yourself for the class.

  5. When Class Begins (Bell) • The bell ringing is a procedure to tell you that it is time to begin class. • At the bell, you are to begin your warm-up exercise. Your warm-up exercise is Journal Writing. The Journal Writing Topic will be written on the board each day. • There should be no talking or moving about during Journal Writing.

  6. Journal Writing Procedures • Leave Font size, type and color as is– Times New Roman, Black, 12 points • Write in complete sentences. • Write about the assigned subject. • Write until you are asked to close and save your document. • Use correct grammar. • Silence in the room during Journal Writing.

  7. General Classroom Expectations • Respect others personal space including not touching others. • Be respectful of everyone and everything. • Stand and Deliver using Proper Grammar. • Do not surf the Internet unless you are instructed to do so. • Allow others to finish speaking before you start speaking.

  8. Expectations During Instruction • Please give the teacher your full attention. • Do not talk while the teacher is talking. • Please wait to be recognized by the teacher before you begin speaking. • Do not start assignments until the teacher gives you the signal to begin.

  9. Expectations During Teams • You will be assigned to a team. • Within your team you will be assigned a duty. For example; facilitator, liaison, reporter, etc. • No side-bar conversations during team activities, all team members focused on the task at hand. • You must contribute proportionately to your team.

  10. Prompts • If I raise my hand, you are to stop talking, face me, and also raise your hand until everyone in the classroom has stopped talking and I lower my hand. NO EXCEPTIONS

  11. End of Class Dismissal • I will inform you when it is time for class dismissal. • Upon dismissal, you should save your work in the designated folder. • Clean-up your work area and line up quietly, in a straight line by the file cabinets. • I will then give you permission to leave the classroom.

  12. Behavior Discipline Procedures • 1st Offense - Verbal Warning • 2nd Offense - Written Warning and Consultation • 3rd Offense - Call to Parents • 4th Offense - Office Referral

  13. School Rules and Policies • All school rules as outlined in your student handbook will be enforced. • Attendance policy will be as defined in your student handbook.

  14. My Promise to You! • We will have a great year together. • Procedures and Expectations will enhance your learning experience. • I will give you my very best everyday and ask the same from you in return.