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OMB Status 09/30/04 PowerPoint Presentation
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OMB Status 09/30/04

OMB Status 09/30/04

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OMB Status 09/30/04

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  1. Tom Luedtke Vicki Novak Gwen Sykes Pat Dunnington Steve Isakowitz OMB Status 09/30/04 OMB Progress 09/30/04 Best in Government! Steps to Green Steps to Yellow Best in Government! Best in Government! • Primary Challenge • Maintain green status by assuring that best practices are sustained and diffused throughout agency as well as shared externally. • Last Week • Participants from NASA Centers and Mission Directorates attended the NASA Workforce Conference, November 16-18, 2004, in Memphis, TN • This Week • Representatives from OMB and OPM will be at NASA HQ for the quarterly meeting to discuss progress and status of PMA deliverables. • US News and World Report November 22 article on potential wave of retirements; includes interview with Chief Human Capital Officer and GSFC employee. • Primary Challenge • By Q2 FY 2005, have approved plan for all operational systems to become certified and accredited, and confirm all desktop IT systems are installed & maintained per security configurations. • Anticipated Next Steps • Challenges to Maintain Green: 12/2004 • Submit alignment plan for Health IT using strategies consistent with HHS's Framework for Strategic Action. • Submit Agency's plan for full implementation of all applicable e-Gov initiatives. • Last week • On 11-15, held Critical Design Review for technology, editorial processes, and operations plan for Inside NASA. • GSA CIO benchmarked NASA for its EVM “best practices.” • This week • Completing report for scorecard action due 12-01 to OMB regarding Health IT alignment plans for Agency. • Completing scorecard action due 12-01 to OMB requiring Agencies to deliver plans for full implementation of all E-Gov initiatives; meeting on 11-23 with functional owners of HR, Financial Mgmt., and Grants Mgmt. to address alignment issues with Agency E-Gov plans. • Compiling Agency E-Gov Act Implementation report (due to OMB on 12/6) regarding status of initiatives. • Completing schedule for Master and Subsystems IT Security System Plans. • Develop a “green” plan acceptable • to OMB. • Primary Challenge • Maintain the momentum for the NASA Shared Service Center (NSSC) and the LaRC competitive sourcing actions. • Anticipated Next Steps • At this time, NASA expects to achieve “green” status no later than the 4th Quarter of FY 2005. • Last week • On November 17, 2004, OMB posted NASA’s approved FAIR Act Inventory in the Federal Register. The posting began the official 30-day challenge period. • NASA’s Agency Competitive Sourcing Review Team met with a representative from CalTech to discuss JPL’s Zero Base Competitive Sourcing process. Competitive sourcing is a requirement of CalTech’s contract with NASA. • This week • The Competitive Sourcing 1st Qtr 2005 PMA Scorecard will be completed by November 23, 2004 for forwarding to OMB by the November 29, 2004 due date.  • The NSSC SEB is in the process of evaluating proposals. Offers were received on November 8, 2004.  • Improve NASA’s overall financial management through implementation of the 10 step NASA Financial Management Improvement Plan (NFMIP). • Primary Challenge • Improve data quality in the new accounting system, establish internal controls, and regain an unqualified audit opinion. • Anticipated Next Steps • System produces accurate financial data on demand, demonstrate system is in compliance with FFMIA, and Auditor expresses an opinion on financial statements. • Last week • Conducted CFO summit to discuss NASA’s Financial Management Improvement Plan to “Get to Green”. • Published FY 2004 Performance and Accountability Report; including annual audited financial statements and the Report of Audit. • This Week • Continue the fund distribution process from the first Continuing Resolution and preparing to receive the full appropriation or the second Continuing Resolution. • Sub groups of OCFO and OIG employees will work on validating risk assessment; identifying critical actions to be completed in the near term; identifying milestones and resources to complete these tasks. • Primary Challenge • Maintain green status by delivering • on Proud to Be commitments and • assuring that best practices are • sustained and diffused throughout • agency. • Last week • Submitted NASA’s FY 2004 • Performance and Accountability • Report (PAR) to the President, • Congress, OMB, GAO, and • Treasury, and posted the PAR to • NASA’s Website. • This week • Continue working NASA’s 2005 • Interim Strategic Plan, draft #2. • Distribute hard copies of the • FY 2004 PAR NASA-wide and • externally. Monday, November 22, 2004

  2. Real Property R&D Investment Criteria Rex Geveden Jim Jennings OMB Status 09/30/04 OMB Progress 09/30/04 Steps to Yellow Steps to Green • Comply with Federal Real Property Council real property asset management guidance. • Primary Challenge • Complete Real Property Asset Management Plan and establish Performance Measures in accordance with Federal Real Property Council (FRPC) guidance. • Anticipated Next Steps • Obtain Administrator’s signature on the Real Property Management Plan. • Continue work on performance measures, including Mission Dependency Index and facility operating costs. • Complete draft of Real Property Implementation Plan. • Last Week • Reviewed draft guidance from FRPC. • Continued initial development of NASA-wide Mission Dependency Index. • This Week • Continuing RPIP development. • Received contractor study of utilization metrics and recommendations – reviewing to determine what indices will best support NASA. • Primary Challenge • Obtain green status by demonstrating that R&D programs are of high quality - 75% of those assessed using the R&D PART receive ratings of "Moderately Effective" or better. • Anticipated Next Steps • Develop an action plan with the Program Management Council for quarterly use of R&D criteria and past performance information in planning, coordinating, and assessing R&D activities. • Last week • Began review of PART and GPRA performance reporting in ERASMUS. • This week • Review and assess status of programs being reviewed using R&D PART. Page 2 -- Monday, November 22, 2004