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OMB Status 06/30/05

Tom Luedtke. Vicki Novak. Gwen Sykes. Pat Dunnington. Gwen Sykes. OMB Status 06/30/05. OMB Progress 06/30/05. Best in Government!. Best in Government!. Best in Government!. Best in Government!. Steps to Yellow. Primary Challenge

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OMB Status 06/30/05

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  1. Tom Luedtke Vicki Novak Gwen Sykes Pat Dunnington Gwen Sykes OMB Status 06/30/05 OMB Progress 06/30/05 Best in Government! Best in Government! Best in Government! Best in Government! Steps to Yellow Primary Challenge Implementing IT security plans consistent with NIST guidance and OMB “maintaining green” criteria, including C&A, contingency planning, and risk assessment. Anticipated Next Steps Completing quarterly FISMA report, working towards 100% of Agency IT systems secure by Q4 FY 2005. Submitting quarterly report stating NASA has no planned IT acquisitions duplicative of E-Gov initiatives/LoBs. Finalizing implementation milestones for all E-Gov and LoB initiatives. Last Week On 8-01, the OCIO and NASA grants community met with HHS and OMB to assess Grants.gov implementation schedules and posting opportunities. This Week Continuing to work with Centers to inventory software licenses in response to SmartBUY data call. Quarterly “No Duplication” memo ready to be signed by CIO and SPE, stating NASA has no IT acquisitions duplicative of the E-Gov initiatives. The memo is due to OMB by 8-15. Revised E-Travel MOU is in the NASA signature process. Working with OMB to address final Action Items and adjustments to the Agency’s E-Gov / LOB / SmartBUY implementation plans. Compiling IT workforce skills gap analysis data, due to OMB on 8-31. Primary Challenge Maintain green status by assuring that best practices are sustained and diffused throughout Agency as well as shared externally. Last Week Staff members from OHCM and Center representatives met to prepare for the migration of the Awards Program to the NSSC. Staff members from OHCM attended a forum at OPM to discuss the Federal Student Loan Repayment Program (FSLRP). This Week Preparation is under way for the Performance Review Board meeting scheduled for August 17. Continued progress is being made to support the implementation of the e-gov/e-training initiative, Learning Management System. Primary Challenge Approval from OMB on NASA’s updated “Green” Plan. Anticipated Next Steps NASA expects to obtain concurrence from OMB on its 2005 FAIR Act Inventory in 2nd Qtr, FY 2006. Last Week The Agency Competitive Sourcing Team (ACST) extended the deadline for submission of the Center and Headquarters’ written justifications for their Inherently Governmental positions. The information was requested in preparation for the 2006 FAIR Act inventory to ensure that the justifications will be consistent with OMB’s requirements. This Week The ACST anticipates posting the “lessons learned” received from the A-76 competition for the Metallic Test Article Development and General and Precision Machining Services to the NASA Competitive Sourcing and SHARE A76! Internet sites. SHARE A-76! is a reference site for sharing information about Competitive Sourcing throughout the Government. Improve NASA’s overall financial management through implementation of the OCFO Strategic Initiatives. Primary Challenge Improve data quality in the new accounting system, establish internal controls, and regain an unqualified audit opinion. Last Week Continued efforts of FBWT reconciliation process to post all corrections by August 30, 2005 and write-off remaining differences by September 30, 2005. Continued to work FY 2004 funding issues with Mission Offices. This Week Will hold Financial Audit Committee Meeting at GRC on Tuesday, August 9, key issues to present are status of the FY 2005 Financial Statement Audit, FBWT and PP&E accountability. Continue to evaluate Center feedback regarding the Monitoring Controls and Reconciliation tool for issuance later this month. Primary Challenge Maintain green status by delivering on Proud to Be commitments and assuring that best practices are sustained and diffused throughout agency. Last Week Continued to work FY 2007 budget formulation and issues. Represented NASA at an OMB reception for the Innovation in Government Awards: the PART process was an award recipient. Finalized Strategic Planning IPT membership. Developing materials for the first IPT meeting, August 17th. This Week Submit Final Report to OMB on the intent and effectiveness of NASA’s “efficiency measures.” Brief the Administrator on August 9th. Continue working FY2005 PAR and 2006 Strategic Plan Issues. Monday, August 8, 2005

  2. Real Property R&D Investment Criteria Rex Geveden Jeff Sutton OMB Status 06/30/05 OMB Progress 06/30/05 Steps to Green Steps to Green • Primary Challenge • Continue to show progress in establishing and using FRPC performance measures, real property inventory fields, and three-year rolling plan. • Anticipated Next Steps • Continue work on performance measures, including Mission Dependency Index. • Complete three-year rolling plan. • Last Week • First test run with center-level data in the “disposal/disposition algorithm” to test/verify its usefulness/reliability. • Mission Dependency Index (MDI) interviews at DFRC. • This Week • Meet with Real Property senior staff to lay out plans for OMB required three-year rolling plan. • Finalize planning for August Center RP Officer workshop on new OMB/GSA annual report. • Review results and identify issues from first test run with center-level data in the “disposal/disposition algorithm”. • Mission Dependency Index (MDI) interviews at JPL. Primary Challenge Obtain green status by demonstrating that R&D programs are of high quality - 75% of those assessed using the R&D PART receive ratings of "Moderately Effective" or better. Anticipated Next Steps Develop an action plan with the Program Management Council for quarterly use of R&D criteria and past performance information in planning, coordinating, and assessing R&D activities. Last Week Mapped NPD 7120.5C requirements for programs and projects to the R&D Investment Criteria This Week Continue working re-map and other issues. Page 2 – Monday, August 8, 2005

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