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Gulf Downstream Association (GDA) PowerPoint Presentation
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Gulf Downstream Association (GDA)

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Gulf Downstream Association (GDA)

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Gulf Downstream Association (GDA)

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  1. Gulf Downstream Association(GDA) promoting knowledge sharing, networking and providing published and valuable data to members

  2. Introduction • Founding Members & Board of Directors • Vision & Mission • Core Values • Value Added Proposition • Technical Committees / Streams • Membership Fees • Contact Details Overview

  3. Introduction The Gulf Downstream Association (GDA) was established by its founding members from Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI), Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). GDA is a non-profit organisation which aims to bring leading Downstream players together to further develop the industry and draw mutual benefits from sharing knowledge and best practices. GDA was established in the Kingdom of Bahrain in July 2016 by Cabinet decree. GDA’s Head Office is located in Manama at the GBCORP Tower, Bahrain FinancialHarbour.

  4. Mohammed G. Al-Mutairi (GDA Chairman)Chief Executive OfficerKuwait National Petroleum Company Founding Members & Board of Directors Suleman A. Al-Bargan (GDA Vice Chairman)Vice President, Domestic Refineries and NGL FractionationSaudi Aramco • Ebrahim A. Talib (GDA Financial Secretary) • Deputy Chief Executive Bahrain Petroleum Company Dr. Nabil M. Bourisli (GDA Board Member)President & Chief Executive OfficerKuwait Petroleum International Jasem Ali Al-Sayegh (GDA Board Member)Chief Executive Officer, RefiningAbu Dhabi National Oil Company

  5. Audah Al Ahmadi Secretary General ManagementTeam Raj Jhajharia Manager, Technical • Claudia Hardt • Manager, Marketing & Communication Ahmed Al Awadhi General Supervisor, HR, Admin & Finance

  6. GDA's mission is to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and best practices. This will be achieved by becoming a premier association in the region that connects the Downstream companies, technology and service providers, consultants, professional entities, governmental organisations, and academic institutions. Vision & Mission

  7. Core Values

  8. Access to GDA’s portal for capturing Downstream developments and news in the region and a databank of publications Value Added Proposition Access to a physical technical library within GDA’s offices in Bahrain Conducting technical and leadership events related to the industry and its latest developments Share knowledge and experience, benchmarking and adopting best practices, both regionally and internationally for Downstream sustainability Connecting the industry and members with the invaluable resources of retirees to ensure the sharing of knowledge Facilitate and enhance communication within its members and foster good relations with other global industries and associations Provide a voice and choice for the industry members to strengthen the three pillars of strategy: Industry, Government and Education

  9. The Gulf Downstream Association’s Technical Committees serve as the platform of the Association’s mandate to facilitate interaction with industry leaders and experts, and collaboration of its members to help strategically grow the Downstream business and improve performance. The Technical Committees consist of nominated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in various Technical Streams from GDA’s member organisations and global Consulting / Technology companies leading in related fields of Downstream industries to promote sharing of non-proprietary information. Each Technical Committee / Stream meets several times in a year to execute an agreed plan of action, while SMEs dedicate 10% of their work-time for GDA activities. Technical Committees

  10. Technical Committees / Streams TECHNICAL COMMITTEES Health, Safety & Environment Project Management Operational Excellence Plant Reliability & Integrity Commissioning & Start-up Leadership & People Development Energy Management Industry Trends Technologies Best Practices Lessons learned Best in Class Scope & Schedule Equipment Training, Scholarship & Internship Professional Development Market Intelligence Research & Development Product Quality Start-up Safety Developing an “Effective” OE Program Standards & Practices Academia Collaboration Carbon Footprint Corrosion Systems Process Solutions Operation Readiness Renewables Modelling & Optimization Catalyst Management Case Studies Process Safety Talent Management Contracting Training and Development Interface Management Pricing & Economics Smart Plants Fired Heaters Turnaround Management Occupational Health E- Library Procurement GCC Conferences & Exhibitions Critical Success Factors / Best Practices Utilities Petchems. & Specialties Flare Management Material Management Financing Enterprise Risk Management Human Capital Strategy Profit Improvement

  11. GDA Key Deliverables • Lessons learned / Knowledge portal • Establish common ‘best-in-class’ standards & processes • White papers on important issues / challenges with custom-made solutions • Explore new technologies or processes for downstream industry applications • Organise / host conferences, seminars and workshops on selected technology themes • Bridge gap between Downstream industry and academic institutions • Facilitate in-house talent development to highest common standards • Promote induction of local talents into Downstream industry workforce • Conduct courses on specific topics and industry certifications • Benchmark industry performances • Help reduce carbon footprint • And much more

  12. Annual Membership Fees Full Member Business Partner Associate Member Knowledge Partner • Supply Chain & Logistics Companies • Refined Products Traders • Service Providers (EPC / Licensors / Catalyst Vendors) • Engineering Companies • Consultants • Equipment Manufacturers / Software & Automation Providers • Health & Safety Environmental Management Companies • Ports & Terminals • Media & Advertising Agencies • Supporting Agencies (Events, Training, Recruitment, Insurance, Legal, Finance, Transport, Printing) • Other Related Businesses • Oil & Lube Refineries • Gas Processing & NGL Fractionation Plants • Fuel Handling / Marketing & Distribution Companies • Plant Maintenance Companies • Laboratories & Industrial Gases Companies • Other Related Industries • Selected Academic Institutions • Selected International Professional Societies/ Associations $2,000 By Invitation Only $6,000 $4,000

  13. It’s a win-win For all

  14. 12th Floor, Bahrain Financial Harbor GB Corp Tower Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Contact Details +973 17116010 @gda_bh@gda_bh Gulf Downstream Association (GDA)