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The Knights Templar PowerPoint Presentation
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The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar

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The Knights Templar

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  1. By: Jaden Cantu The Knights Templar

  2. Introducing the Knights Templar The Knights Templar, or as some people call them The Poor Knights of Christ, originated in Jerusalem 1095 in the first crusade. The organization was founded by Hughes de Payens. The Knights Templar were a very secret organization that you probably wouldn’t have wanted to get involved in. The Templars were very cruel people that destroyed anybody who did not share their beliefs. Although The Templars were hated by many people such as the Syrians and the Muslim Assassins, they also had many people that supported them and joined them to do their work.

  3. The Poor Knights in Israel Though The Poor Knights did use other cities surrounding Jerusalem, but Jerusalem was where their headquarters was and where they remained for many years. In Jerusalem was the Temple Mount where they were stationed(military wise) at The Dome of rock. The Templars also used Acre(Akko) to fight against the Muslim Assassins, Syrians and the Egyptians. Safety wise, Jerusalem was not a very good spot for them to be because Jerusalem is very close to Syria and Egypt and the Templars could have been taken out very easily. They protected the pilgrims to the Holy land.

  4. Religious Beliefs The Templars did not have any pity for people who were against them or didn’t believe the same thing that they did. The Templars showed no mercy to those people. They believed that whoever didn’t believe their same beliefs, should die or suffer severely. They believed that they would one day rule the world and have a one government world. The Templars believed that they could do anything to anyone that stood in their way.

  5. Knights Templar life • If you were in the Knights Templar you didn’t have the time to be with your family. The Templar leaders always wanted their soldiers to be at their posts or else they would go to their home and look for them to report for their duty. If you were a Templar, the food that was provided for you while traveling or in war was surprisingly good, as they were always fed vegetables and fruit, for they thought that would be best for their soldiers to dwell on to keep them strong and alert for battle. The men that joined the Templars were probably good people before they joined that didn’t know what they were getting into and soon turned into cruel and evil men like the others.

  6. The Knights moving to Europe In the 1200’s The Templars began to make their way to Europe. They were stationed in Italy where they made their headquarters . The Knights then made their way towards France to gain more control over their land and to again protect the pilgrims from harm .When The Knights had moved to Europe, their numbers ha increased and decreased greatly. As they were going through battles in order to get to Europe and gain control of Jerusalem. The Templars did also go to Rome where they had demolished many things to show that they had been there.

  7. Famous Things, People and Place associated with the Templars. • Jerusalem Temple Mount- Headquarters of early Templars • Hughes de Payens- Founder of Templars Golden Apples- Another Artifact that was said to be real and the Templars hunted them down. Muslim Assassins- Muslim Assassins teamed up with Syria to defeat the Templars and only decreased their numbers.

  8. Templars Evolved • The modern day Templars are now known as Free Masons. Many people such as • George Washington, James Monore, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William Mckinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Gerald Ford are Free Masons . Free Masons evolved are Templars. Back In the 1930’s many people joined that organization because it was a popular thing to do back then.

  9. Templar Legacies The Templars left many things for us to prove that they were real such as the building on Temple Mount in Jerusalem that the Templars had made their headquaters as they began to pop up into the city.

  10. Social Perception • Many average people know who the Templars are, but the people who do like the many historians ,will stop at nothing to prove that they are truly evil.

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