the grand encampment of knights templar n.
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The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar PowerPoint Presentation
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The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar

The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar

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The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar

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  1. The Grand Encampmentof Knights Templar

  2. Templar Law

  3. Knight TemplarUniform

  4. The RIGHT side of the Uniform is reserved for Grand Encampment use, or a name badge!

  5. Delegate Badges are Grand Encampment Badges & are worn on the Right Side of the Uniform(If they are GEKT Jewels, GEKT controls how they are worn)

  6. Delegate BadgesareNOT TO BE WORNafterTHE TRIENNIAL!!

  7. Committee BadgesRight Side of UniformWear Only the65th Badge!

  8. Summer Uniform

  9. The Summer Uniformwas designed forSummer Parades & Temples without air conditioning.

  10. A Grand Commandery Conclave, A Grand Encampment Conclaveare bothFORMAL Events!Please –Wear your Class ‘A’

  11. Templary is a Highly Prestigious Order.We should KEEP it that Way!

  12. It has an appropriate Use.Let’s use it appropriately.

  13. A Grand Commander’sJewel IS NEVERWorn on a Summer Uniform!

  14. Mixing & Matching

  15. A Fatigue Cap isNOT WORNwith a Dress Uniform.

  16. If you don’t want to wear a Chapeau, adopt the White Garrison Capas an alternative.(Same cap as used with the Summer Uniform)

  17. AREGC Jewel & Cordor aPGC JewelisNEVER WORNon a Fatigue Uniform!

  18. Grand Commander’sJewelis only worn on aDress Uniform

  19. A Fatigue Uniformis wornUn-Adorned!

  20. Templar UniformatOther Events

  21. Templar Uniformis Generally wornatTemplar Events.

  22. Sometimes, we areaskedto wear it at other events.(to present Colors)

  23. Symbolic Lodge:Our Uniform is our Apronbut –If your Grand Masterasks you to wear an apron – WEAR IT!

  24. Usually –Present the Colors in Uniform then retire and put on a sport coat & apron.

  25. Keep in mind, GEKT officers are not the “Jewel Police”

  26. BUT,In order for us to be aFIRST CLASS ORDERWe need to look Good& UNIFORM!

  27. Why do you thinkthey call it a UNIFORM?

  28. Problem / Non-Performing Officers:Who Can Remove Them?Under what Conditions?

  29. Can a Commander remove one of his Officers if there is a problem?

  30. Section 71 - It is the Duty of the Commander(a) Of a Constituent Commandery , to see that the Officers and Members of his Commandery duly observe the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Commandery, the Constitution, Rules, Laws, and Regulations of the Grand Commandery, and the Constitution, Statutes, Rules Regulations and Rituals of the Grand Encampment.

  31. GM Decision under Section 23 (m)…An officer, who shows an utter lack of interest, doesn’t attend, and is an example of gross negligence may be removed from his office by the Commander following a formal “decision” by the Commander finding unknightly conduct by reason of nonfeasance, misfeasance, and/or malfeasance in the performance of the duties of the office of the offending officer. There is no appeal to the Commandery from such a “decision”, but such action by the Commander shall not affect the standing in the Order of such officer or his membership in the Commandery. Such removal may also be ordered by the Grand Commander, for the same reason and within the same limitations. The authority to remove an officer for non‐performance of official duties rises from the broad authority of the Grand Commander and the Commander, under the vertical axis of power and authority established by Templar laws, to govern his respective level of Templar jurisdiction. Such authority, when related to the duty of seeing that Templar laws are observed and in the absence of arbitrary conduct by the presiding officer, is practically unlimited.

  32. In the exercise of such authority, the Commander must always by concerned for the good of the Order, and such final step as removal of an officer should be taken as a last resort. It should be only rarely that an officer will not either respond to the needs of the office he has sworn to perform to the best of his ability or consent to resign voluntarily. Even then, the Commander should give written notice to the offending officer to appear at a time and place and justify his conduct, and a third member should be present at such hearing; also the Grand Commander should be informed. While the Grand Commander of the jurisdiction and the Grand Master of the Grand Encampment have similar authority with regard to all officers within their areas of command, it seems best that problems be solved where they exist and not allowed to fester while waiting for action by some higher authority. The Commander has the tools to handle matters at the local level. And he should not expect or invite outside intervention to solve his own problems. (1970, p. 142 & 536, No. 4, Crofts, 1988 digest ‐ 57 & 249)

  33. No Specific Authority in the Constitution.But – A Solid GM DecisionGenerally agreed that he should seek help of his Grand Commander.

  34. The S.K. RemovedMay Appeal to the Grand Commanderyin Sessionif he feels unjustly removed by the REGC!

  35. Can a Grand Commander remove one of his Officers if there is a problem?

  36. Section 48 (d)Also to suspend from his office any Officer of the Grand or of a Constituent Commandery, but in no case shall such suspension affect the standing in the Order of such Officer or his membership in the Commandery.

  37. The S.K. RemovedMay Appeal to the Grand Commanderyin Sessionif he feels unjustly removed by the REGC!

  38. If he does not prevail at his Grand Commandery in Session, he may appeal to the Grand Master!

  39. What about theGrand Master?

  40. Section 23 (d)To remove any officer of a Grand or Subordinate Commandery when in his opinion such officer has been guilty of unknightly conduct.

  41. The S.K. has Appeal at the Triennial Conclave!At which the Grand Master sets the Schedule & allocates the Time!

  42. Under what Circumstances should a Sir Knight beRemoved?

  43. It must be aSerious Problem!!!Personal Piques & Grudges have no place in the Decision!

  44. Reason might be:Non-Performance of assigned duties.Improprieties in Financial affairsIllegal or Immoral activitiesConduct un-becoming a Templar

  45. Document!Document!Document!

  46. Removal is Serious Business.Never take action without building a Consensus with your Officers!

  47. Talk to yourDepartment Commander.He will consult with theGrand Master.

  48. Make it the Last Resort, and only after all other avenues have failed.

  49. Resignation is always Preferredif Possible!