the grand encampment of knights templar n.
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The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar PowerPoint Presentation
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The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar

The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar

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The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar

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  1. The Grand Encampmentof Knights Templar

  2. The 67thTriennium2015-2018

  3. 67th Triennium Continuity We operate on Long Range Plans that we believe are sound We communicate these plans to our members and report progress

  4. 67th Triennium Continuity Continuity is powerful. Non-continuity is disruptive, inefficient and unproductive. We will not have the my year syndrome. WE serve for the good of OUR fraternity's future.

  5. 67th Triennium Continuity We have a VISION We will strive to make Templary the most prestigious Concordant Body for which one may petition membership

  6. 67th Triennium Continuity Continue leadership program YES Improve ritual portrayal Improve Public & Masonicawareness YES Develop pride within our Order YES

  7. 67th Triennium Continuity Knight Templar Magazine Department Conferences Visit to Annual Conclaves Maintain effective communications All Continued - All Excellent

  8. 67th Triennium Continuity We are a sovereign organization not under control of anyone else. That is not the same as being uncooperative We will cooperate with all Freemasonry for the good of all Freemasonry. Masonic Unity

  9. Bicentennial 2016 • Completed

  10. 67th Triennium York Rite Information System Available to other bodies YES Continue to educate users YES New enhancements YES

  11. 67th Triennium International New additions to Europe – Austria Charter Presented October 2016 YES

  12. 67th Triennium International Support development of Southern Americas – Brazil, El Salvador, Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela, others YES Dispensation to Ecuador issued August 2017

  13. 67th Triennium International Reorganize Mexico Suspension lifted YES Replacement charter issued YES

  14. 67th Triennium International July 2017 First ever Department meeting for Southern Americas YES

  15. 67th Triennium International Progress in Asia YES About to visit Grand Commandery Philippines Will visit members in Tokyo and Taipei

  16. 67th Triennium International We do not have second class members All our members are equal and important

  17. 67th Triennium Educational Foundation Divisions with small funds can’t effectively invest KTEF 2017 return was 11% Extensive difficulty with tax reporting Loan program ineffective now ended

  18. Educational Foundation Rules of the program rewritten 2017 Minor changes may occur GEKT can manage funds and allow states control of use. Improved income, less expense, less work and more charitable results

  19. Educational Foundation Voluntary program open to the States / Divisions Several States have already elected to participate

  20. 67th Triennium Knights Templar Eye Foundation Continue support for starter grants

  21. 67th Triennium Knights Templar Eye Foundation Continue support to EyeCare America

  22. 67th Triennium Knights Templar Eye Foundation KTEF Pediatric Site on AAO ONE Network Site

  23. 67th Triennium Knights Templar Eye Foundation Travel Grants to ARVO Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

  24. ARVO • 2017 • We allocated $60,600 (the equivalent of one starter grant) • This funded 58 researchers • They had about 300 grants total • 2018 – Being expanded

  25. 67th Triennium Future developments Knights Templar Eye Foundation Travel Grants to ISER International Society for Eye Research New for 2017

  26. 67th Triennium Knights Templar Eye Foundation 2015 Our second Endowed Professor Wilmer Eye Institute Johns Hopkins University Thomas M. Bosley MD

  27. 67th Triennium Knights Templar Eye Foundation • April 2016

  28. Holy Land Pilgrimage Mission Statement To send Ordained Christian Ministers, who would not have the opportunity to go to the Holy Land otherwise. 2018 will be the 35th Annual Pilgrimage 67th Triennium

  29. 67th Triennium • For the last three Trienniums, and now into the fourth, no withdrawals from Permanent Fund, allowing it to grow • Encourage Grand Commanderies to practice fiscal responsibility and for them to encourage Commanderies to do the same

  30. 67th Triennium Coordinators 1) Promote Grand Encampment programs – Example Easter 2) Assist Department Commanders 3) Keep Department Commander informed 4) Annual written report 5) Leadership training nominations

  31. The Grand Encampmentof Knights Templar Other Plans

  32. Order of DeMolay

  33. Order of DeMolay Sword similar to Sword of merit awarded by Eye Foundation

  34. Grand Commandery cost $400 Order of DeMolay Grand Commanderies work with State DeMolay to write award criteria Grand Commanderies make annual presentations (DeMolay Conclave)

  35. Publish law • Grand Encampment law online is current through September 1, 2016 • Revised law is on Website • Printed copies will be available through Grand Encampment office

  36. Charity Jewel • Knights Templar Eye Foundation • Knights Templar Educational Foundation • Holy Land Pilgrimage • Grand Encampment permanent fund Renamed Crusader Cross Only Eye Foundation donations included

  37. The Grand Encampmentof Knights Templar Time to start the next 200 years

  38. 67th Triennium Charities are great, effective management is helpful, and the Bicentennial was fun. But is not why people join or remain.

  39. 67th Triennium We must care for our members and provide good programs Locally Templary has the highest name recognition among new members

  40. 67th Triennium We need to live up to the hopes of new members so they will stay. If you are having fun they will too

  41. We choose the future! We must seize the moment!