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Knights Templar Eye Foundation

Knights Templar Eye Foundation

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Knights Templar Eye Foundation

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  1. Knights Templar Eye Foundation “A Masonic Charity” “ That Others May See”

  2. Mission Statement To improve vision through research, education, and supporting access to care.

  3. CONTRIBUTIONS RECAP43rd Campaign 2010-2011 Campaign total: $1,208,202,66 Top Five Grand Commanderies In Dollar Totals • Ohio $114,463,28 • California $91,252,45 • Texas $80,350,48 • Missouri $74,894,97 • Pennsylvania $68,176,89

  4. 43rd Annual Voluntary Campaign • Included all contributions from the end of the 42st campaign • Included wills and bequests that the members have asked to be included in the campaign • Set a new standard for the campaign

  5. Research Grants 2012 • Budgeted 33 grants at $60,000 each $2 million dollars total. • Allowing second year repeat grants- if successful with the first grant. Fellowship for foreign ophthalmologists: • 1 year in U.S. with a vision researcher • Must plan to return home and continue research • Excess costs paid by host institution • 5 Fellowship at $60,000 year

  6. Research Grants Scientific Advisory Committee • Approved in 2011-27 grants totaling $1,000,000 • In last 16 years we have awarded $12,644,000 • Top states receiving research grants: • Texas- $1,766,970 • Mass/Rhode Island- $1,747,652,00 • Maryland- $1,592,770 • California- $1,526,382 • Indiana- $563,398

  7. Wills and Bequests • Can be the best source of growth for the Foundation • Can ensure that the Foundation becomes self sustaining • Must be encouraged by Officers of the Grand Commanderies and Grand Encampment when speaking about the Knights Templar Eye Foundation

  8. Wills and Bequests • Ask our members to include the KTEF in their wills • Ask them to contact their attorney now to add the KTEF as a beneficiary • Ideas for giving are • Bequests • direct gifts in a will • income from trusts • remainders of wills or trusts • Insurance Policies • Securities

  9. Wills and Bequests • Contact our office for “how to” advice • Contact our office to be added as a Sight Crusader, one who has included the KTEF in his estate

  10. ACTION PLAN • Encourage our Sir Knights to remember the KTEF in their wills • Encourage our Sir Knights to continue to support the Annual Voluntary Campaign

  11. ACTION PLAN Make our mark in the eye community by preventing blindness in future generations through research and education

  12. Eye Care AmericaPreserving Sight Together Last Year Eye Care America (ECA) completed its 25th anniversary celebration which resulted in more than 65,000 people receiving sight saving care or eye health information from the ECA. This success is do in large part by the ongoing successful partnership with the Knights Templar Eye Foundation. As this partnership continues it is hoped that more Sir Knights will use the Online Referral Center (ORC) for help with their family members.

  13. Cost Effective Public Service Since the Knights Templar and Eye Care America began their partnership 15 years ago ECA Patients have received $6.14 in care for every dollar contributed by the KTEF. In fiscal year 2010-2011 that number has jumped to $9.95 for every dollar you donated.

  14. Grateful Patient Feedback “ I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to your organization for the kind assistance making it possible for me to regain my eyesight. After my surgery, I was able to get to work again and therefore now am able to support myself. God bless you and the staff.” Rowell Maharaja, Schertz, TX

  15. Senior Eye Care Program Diagnoses Fiscal Year 2011 only: Cataract 1,621 Diabetic Retinopathy 158 Glaucoma 253 Glaucoma suspect 416 AMD & Suspect 159 Refract Error 524 Other 1,038

  16. Knights Templar Eye Foundation “A Masonic Charity” “ That Others May See”

  17. New Office Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc. 1033 Long Prairie Road, Ste 5 Flower Mound, TX 75022-4230 214-888-0220 Fax 214-888-0230

  18. New Administrator SK Robert W. Bigley, Southlake, TX Hired by executive committee on April 1, 2011, as Office Administrator of the Flower Mound (Dallas), TX office. Elected by special vote as Assistant Secretary on April 20, 2011.

  19. New Director of Operations and Training Marci Martinez, Southlake, TX Hired by executive committee on April 1, 2011, as Director of Operations and Training of the Flower Mound (Dallas), TX office.

  20. New Responsibilities Eventually oversee all YRIS operations Database management Sales and support for Grand Chapters and Grand Councils when available

  21. Flower Mound, TX Office

  22. Flower Mound, TX Office

  23. Flower Mound, TX Office

  24. Flower Mound, TX Office

  25. Conference Room

  26. Administrator’s Office

  27. Work Area

  28. Director of Operations Office

  29. Work Area

  30. Work Area

  31. Work Area

  32. Work Area

  33. Storage

  34. Kitchen/break area

  35. Rest Rooms

  36. Rest Rooms

  37. Rest Rooms

  38. Recap Retirement of Contributions Coordinator Jule Selock Retirement of Office Administrator Marvin L. Selock Expiration of lease on Schaumburg Office October 31, 2010

  39. Recap Case Analysis Cataracts- 61% of cases last year No longer providing care to children Applications are difficult to process Case sponsors getting older-not able to do job Younger Sir Knights do not want to sponsor cases Verification of eligibility becoming more difficult No longer sure we are treating the most needy

  40. Recap National Health Care Impact on need for our services? Services to be provided for by government programs HIPPA Protection of protected health information New security and storage procedures

  41. Recap Computer system for case and payment processing Old No support available any longer Could die at anytime Replacement could be $150,000 +

  42. Recap Because of: Personnel changes Lease expiration HIPPA Computer system National Health Care Lack of good case sponsors

  43. Recap Is it time to change the way we do business? Should we get out of case processing? Should we concentrate 100% on Research Grants? Should we move the office? Trustees decided yes to all in August 2010

  44. American Academy of Ophthalmology EyeCare AmericaSenior’s EyeCare Program Meets the needs of Seniors for care Provides excellent contacts in the field of ophthalmology Excellent Public Relations tool

  45. American Academy of Ophthalmology Hoskins Center for Excellence Worldwide center for quality in eye care Named after form Exec VP of the Academy, Dunbar Hoskins Worldwide programs in ophthalmology Internet availability May support in future with more data

  46. University Chairs Endow a Knights Templar Chair in Ophthalmology at various universities Contribute to the training of many ophthalmologists in the future

  47. International Fellows Sponsor an ophthalmologist in a one year study program in the US to return home and practice with latest techniques Starting a trial run this year Help develop quality eye care worldwide, especially in under developed countries

  48. Expand Grant Program Raised amount to $60,000 Allow a second year of research Expand pediatric research to include general eye research Expand to foreign universities To allow our foreign Commanderies to participate Open to new suggestions or developments

  49. Your help is needed To help our Sir Knights understand why the changes were necessary To show the benefits of research To encourage continued support of our Knights Templar Eye Foundation