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  1. Isis Brussels, September 2013

  2. Modules Isis •Companies • News •Industry Research (MarketLine, Morningstar, GlobalData) •Contacts (not yetavailable) September 2013

  3. Coverage Isis •12,200 insurance companies worldwide, whereof: 10,700 with detailed accounts 200 with limited financials 1,300 with name / address (no financials) US coverage: 3,000 companies 266 Lloyd’s Syndicates •AxcoGlobal Insurance Market Reports: statistics on the insurance markets in over 170 countries. September 2013

  4. Templates and models Isis •4 templates: Composite (600 companies) Life (3,300 companies) Non-Life (7,500 companies) Lloyd’s Syndicates • Models: IFRS « country specific » or assimilated • Key items in the accounts Gross Premium written Surplus ( = equity) Reserves September 2013

  5. Main points Isis • Neo version since Dec 2012 • Contains features like other BvD international financial products, e.g. Ownership data Stock data M&A Ratings (Including Insurer Financial Strength Rating) Add-in Web service Own data module Google maps •Detailedaccounts, withunfolding: Global  International  National format •Format definition: click on line/item or see help section • Return to source September 2013

  6. Insurance template Isis September 2013

  7. Three levels of format detail Isis Global Format This is an international format relevant to all insurance companies, irrespective of the template.  The Global format contains the key financials of the firm and provides a format for screening across all insurance companies on ISIS.  The line items from the Global format can be opened up to reveal their Global detailed and Raw data components for a company. International format (or Global detailed) This is a transnational format presented in standard Life, Non-Life and Composite templates.  Each of the Global detailed formats offers more financial information than the Global format: a 76-line statement in Life template, 67 in the Non-Life and 77 lines in the Composite templates. The International format also unfolds to reveal the more specific National  format items related to it. National format (or Raw data) The National format is the basic accounting format derived from the ‘as reported’ financial accounts of a company.  Given this, the Raw data format is developed as a country specific format and is presented in models reflecting the accounting practices of the associated countries.  There are approximately 30 models, each model being associated to one or several countries. As in the International format, the user can expect to see each of these models presented in accordance with the three insurance templates. September 2013

  8. Data sources Isis Fitch • Annual Reports • Electronic feeds (NAIC, Hoppenstedt) • Regulators (South America mainly), Limited financials BvD • Regulators (Limited financials) History and updating • Up to 20 years of accounts • Weekly updating September 2013

  9. Contacts and support Isis •Addition of new companies – updating of accounts: Hanane El Mokri: Support site: •Accounts details and other questions / comments Vincent Schalbroeck: Pleasemake sure to provideenoughdetail. Whenreporting bugs, pleasemake sure thattheycanbereproduced. September 2013

  10. Feature to come New UniversalInsurance Template (UIT) • Similar to whatwasimplemented on BankScope • More info to come via the intranet Isis 10 September 2013