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Stroudsburg Junior High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Stroudsburg Junior High School

Stroudsburg Junior High School

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Stroudsburg Junior High School

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    1. Stroudsburg Junior High School 8th and 9th Grade Parent Scheduling Presentation March 4, 2010

    2. Stroudsburg Junior High School Counselors Mrs. Cleary A Go Mr. Stinson Gr- N Mrs. Pardue O - Z

    3. Presentation Outline Both 8th and 9th grade information will be provided. All necessary information is throughout the program. Question and Answers will be handled after the program on an individual basis. Please turn off your cell phones.

    4. Tools to Success!!! Increasing the amount of effort and time spent on their schoolwork and homework. Finding what works, each student uses different strategies to find academic success!!!!! Get Help, use your resources. Stick with it!!!! Even when things seem tough they need to follow through.

    5. Differences between a 7th grade student at the MS and an 8th grade student at the JHS Differences between an 8th grade student and a 9th grade student at the JH

    6. More Responsibility and Independence

    8. 8th Grade Requirements Language Arts Earth Science US American History Mathematics/various levels Reading/World Language (full year) Art/Family and Consumer Science/ Technology Education/ Computer Skills Physical Education/Health/ Music/Career Awareness Electives

    10. Which classes are leveled? Language Arts Science History Mathematics Reading

    11. What are the levels? Advanced Regular Workshop Edge Learning support Emotional support

    12. Criteria for Advanced Classes Language Arts/Reading/History 92% average Advanced on one of the Reading 4Sights or PSSAs

    13. Continued Science 92% average Advanced on one of the Math 4Sights or PSSAs -AND- Proficient on one of the Reading 4Sights or PSSAs

    14. Algebra 1/Geometry Honors Algebra 1 Required Minimum grade of 89% in Pre-Algebra Advanced score on the PSSAs Recommended 36/48 or better on Algebra Readiness Assessment is recommended Geometry Honors Minimum grade of 89% in Algebra I and completion of Honors application.

    16. Is considered a College Prep/Honors class and the student is planning to complete the five year sequence. Need to have strong Language Arts and Reading skills Excellent grammar ability A student may earn one (1) high school credit and the grade will be part of their permanent HS transcript

    17. World Language Offerings in the Junior High School French I/French II German I/German II Spanish I/Spanish II

    18. World Language Requirements 89% Average through the third marking period in Language Arts and Reading -AND- Advanced Range on the 6th grade PSSAs -OR- Proficient Range on the 6th grade PSSAs with an Advanced score on one of the 4 Sight tests during 7th grade is required.

    19. WL Process Fill out the application form, it will be mailed to your home on/around March 5, 2010. Both student and parent must sign the form. Return the form to your Middle School Language Arts teacher by March 25, 2010

    20. Career Cruising Portfolio Career Matchmaker Career Descriptions Career Video Clips Salaries Required Education Resume Development Links to all U.S. Colleges

    21. This program will help you and your student with Career Development and education plans for HS and beyond.

    22. How do I access this program? Students are provided with a username and password to access the information 8th grade Career Awareness & 9th grade This is Your Life! Direction are in the POS

    23. Thinking about future plans Start planning ahead for after High School

    24. Keep All Options Open Think about college? When? NOW

    25. Should you start thinking about college now? YES Because what they do now in school will help keep their options open later. It will help give them choices. This doesnt mean they have to know what they want to do as an adult or later on. But they need to prepare themselves and be ready for anything.

    26. How do they prepare? Take the most challenging classes available. Develop strong study skills. Think about which classes will prepare them best. Have them talk to adults in their field of interest. Become involved in school activities. Start looking at college resources.

    27. What does the word college mean? Most people think it means that you have to go to school for 4 years after high school. There are other types of schools and diplomas available to everyone. There are many types of post secondary schools that will enable students to get a degree after two years and four years. There are also certificate programs that will give you the ability to earn good money.

    28. What types of colleges are there? Four year public and private colleges and universities Two year community or junior colleges Business schools Vocational-Technical colleges/schools Military

    29. What are the benefits of going to college? It is an investment that will pay them back for a lifetime. It will help give them better opportunities. It helps to develop skills and knowledge that will last a life time. It is proven that the more education you have the more money you have the potential to earn.

    30. In order to go to college they need to finish High School? What things do students need to consider when scheduling courses?

    31. How Many Credits Do They Need To Graduate from High School? Each student must obtain a minimum of. 25.00 units of credit in grades 9 through 12

    32. What is a CREDIT? A credit is assigned to every class taken in High School Full year classes= 1 credit Half year classes= 0.5 credits Quarter year classes = 0.25 credits

    33. Stroudsburg High School Graduation Requirements English 4 credits Social Studies 4 credits Mathematics 4 credits Science 4 credits

    34. Arts/Humanities 2.0 credits Physical Ed/Health/ Drivers Ed. 2.0 credits This is your life!/ Career Planning 0.5 credits Survey of Ecology/ Engineering Technology 0.5 credits Electives 4.0 credits

    35. What counts towards their High School transcript? Algebra 1/Geometry Honors in 8th grade World Language in 8th grade All 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade classes These classes are included in their Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) and Class Rank This information is used by post secondary schools for admissions into their school

    36. PSSA Requirements In addition to earning 25 credits, students must demonstrate proficiency in the PSSA tests for Reading, Writing, Math and Science in 11th grade in order to qualify for a High School diploma. A score of Proficient or Advanced in all areas is required. For additional information please refer to your Student Handbook

    37. Graduation Project Is also a graduation requirement It is focused on life planning and career exploration Successful completion of the 9th grade This is Your life! and Career Planning at the High School will fulfill this obligation

    38. Class Rank and Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)

    39. Class Rank Ranking of students at Stroudsburg High School is determined by calculating their grades, number of credits attempted and weight of all courses. These are courses that you attempt from 9th grade on, along with any credits you may have earned in 8th grade. (up to 2 credits)

    40. Honors Weight Calculation for Honors and Advanced Placement It is a point add system used to compare students with their classmates. You take your earned grade and add the following points. Weighted Class Rank Honors = +5 AP = + 7

    41. For example if you have a 90 in an Honors class, then the computer will add 5 points to your grade when figuring out Class Rank. It is as if you earned a 95 in the class instead of a 90. However that is not seen on your report card. It is only seen and done by the computer.

    42. Grade Point Average or GPA Is an average of un-weighted grades based on a 4.0 scale. It does not affect class rank. 92 -100 = (A) 4.0 83 - 91 = (B) 3.0 74 - 82 = (C) 2.0 65 - 73 = (D) 1.0 0 - 64 = (F) 0.0 All attempted credits are used. For additional information on academic policies refer to your Student Handbook

    43. 9th Grade Academic Programs Honors College Preparation Technology Preparation Applied/Regular Workshop/Remedial Learning/Emotional Support Monroe Career and Technical Institute (MCTI)

    45. What Honors classes are available in 9th grade? English: American Literature: Honors Mathematics: Geometry Honors Science: Introduction to Physical Science: Honors Social Studies: Nineteenth Century American History: Honors Elective: Biology: Honors

    46. How to apply for an Honors Class? Get an application from the guidance office after March 4, 2010. Complete the form as indicated. Both student and parent must sign the form. Return the form to the subject teacher by March 25, 2010. No forms will be accepted late. Notification indicating placement will occur when your child meets with their counselor for scheduling.

    47. Technology Preparation Career Pathways offered at SHS Allied Health Business Family and Consumer Science Technology

    48. What is Technology Preparation (TP)? It is not a level. It is a course of study that prepares a student for more technically oriented knowledge and skills in specific areas. It is a 2 + 2 program 2 years of technical preparation in high school followed by 2 years of technical/college preparation after high school

    49. Allied Health Academically and clinically prepares students for post secondary health occupations and/or entry level positions in Health Care Facilities. Students spend 3 years at the MCTI to fulfill this pathway. Related Careers: Nurse/Nurses Aide, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Doctor, Physical Therapist

    50. Business Cluster Accounting Marketing Office Technology Related Careers: Accounting, Bookkeeper, Inventory, Banker, Manager, Office Administrator, Advertising, Public Relations, Travel

    51. Family and Consumer Science Cluster Childhood Education Foods and Nutrition Interior Design Related Careers Education, Chef, Dietician, Nutritionist, Seamstress, Tailor, Interior/Fashion Design, Child/Day Care

    52. Technology Education Cluster Communications Manufacturing/Construction Power/Transportation Related Careers: Architect, Engineer, Drafting, Graphic Arts, Carpentry, Welding, Machinist, Automobile and Electronics Technicians

    53. 16 Career Pathways There are 16 federally recognized Career Pathways in the POS. The SASD has made recommendations for the 9th grade through 12th grade electives that lead to each pathway.

    54. Each pathway is a broad grouping that shares similar characteristics with employment requirements that call for interests, strengths and competencies to reach a specific goal.

    55. Career Pathways

    56. Monroe Career & Technical Institute Technical Training and Education

    57. Construction Program Building Trades Carpentry Electrical HVAC Masonry Plumbing

    58. Information Technology Program Computer Networking and Security (Tech Prep) Computer Programming (Tech Prep) Graphic Communications

    59. Manufacturing Program Drafting and Design (Tech Prep) Electronics Technology (Tech Prep) Welding Technology (Tech Prep) Computerized Machine Technology (Tech Prep)

    60. Transportation Program Auto Collision Repair Auto Parts & Service Automotive Technology Diesel/Heavy Equipment

    61. Health Science &Human Services Program Health Occupations which include Allied Health (College Prep/Tech Prep) and Health Assistant (Certified) along with other health related careers Cosmetology (Certified) Culinary Arts (ACF Certification) Baking/Pastry Arts

    62. Continued Horticulture/ which includes Floriculture/Landscaping Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management Marketing Law Enforcement (Tech Prep)

    63. Scheduling Process

    64. Course and Scheduling Selection Process The students will receive the Program of Studies next week in Homeroom. Lists and describes classes and electives available to 8thand 9th graders. Along with current and future classes and electives.

    65. 8th grade Scheduling You will not be required to schedule your classes on the web portal. All classes will be scheduled by your 8th grade School Counselor using.. Grades on your report cards, PSSA scores, 4sight scores, teacher recommendations, World Language applications, Math Honors Forms and the criteria listed in the POS.

    66. 9th Grade Scheduling The current 8th graders meet with their School Counselor their core classes will be scheduled according to their grades, teachers recommendations on the 3rd MP report card, Honors forms, PSSA scores and 4 sight scores.

    67. 9th Grade Scheduling.. Program of Studies to schedule their electives only March 8, 2010 through April 9, 2010 How?? Community Web Portal School District Website

    68. WEB BASE SCHEDULING A letter of instruction has been mailed home. Third Marking Period Progress Reports and Report Cards will include their ID number, password, and a PIN number. Access the Webpage beginning March 8 April 9th at: Link to the Community WEB Portal Follow the directions, it is self explanatory

    69. Complete all instructions Then SUBMIT course selections on the computer. Print one (1) letter for your records

    70. A new course verification letter will be mailed home during the week of May 12, 2010

    71. Parents and students are to review for accuracy and indicate any changes on the form. Please sign, date and return these forms by May 20, 2010.

    72. Guidance Web Page Junior High School WEB page Information on Career Planning Tips for parents Links to different sites for parent and student support MCTI information PSSA Information And more

    73. Community Parent Portal In the packet is the information to sign up for the portal for ongoing use. You will receive temporary passwords and pins for scheduling. Once the portal is closed after scheduling you will no longer have access unless you complete the attached information. Then follow up with Mrs. Halterman in our Technology Office at 421-1993.

    74. Department Chairpersons Auditorium Lobby for questions and answers

    75. Dr Mross, JHS Principal