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Vineyard Junior High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Vineyard Junior High School

Vineyard Junior High School

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Vineyard Junior High School

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  1. Vineyard Junior High School Making Good Choices

  2. The Safest Way Out • Bus evacuation video

  3. Academics • Always do your “Personal Best” • Refer to “Student Handbook” often regarding school rules and general school information • Always seek assistance if you have questions/concerns (purple slips) • Maintain good study habits

  4. No Use for School Use Let’s keep Vineyard a safe school – Do not bring the following items to school at any time:

  5. Dangerous Objects Shock devices Knives of any kind Lighters Matches Guns or imitation guns of any kind Laser Lights

  6. Drugs and Alcohol Items Alcoholic beverages Cigarettes/ Tobacco products marijuana pills

  7. Rollerblades Razor scooters skateboards Aerosol sprays Sprays with alcohol

  8. . Gum, Candy, Power Drinks, etc.

  9. Electronic Devices Cell phones (8:05 am – 2:10 pm ) IPods (8:05 am – 2:10 pm) cameras

  10. More Inappropriate Items for School balloons stuffed animals flowers

  11. What Not to Wear at School featuring: • Skirts • Pants • Hats • Etc.

  12. Too Short, too Little Midriff exposed Too low of neckline One shoulder top Spaghetti straps or shoulder straps less than 2 inches wide) Halter Top

  13. More of too short, too little

  14. Tight and Saggy/Baggy and Saggy

  15. Inappropriate T-Shirts Anything to do with tobacco, alcohol, sex, or violence

  16. Torn, Tattered Clothing Only appropriate skin can be exposed Wallet chains

  17. Hat Mishaps Sideways hat beanies Weird hats

  18. No Visible Tatoos NoWriting on Self

  19. Dress Code/Gum Tickets • 1st Offense-Warning recorded in student discipline record • 2nd Offense – One hour detention after school • 3rd Offense – 2 days (1 hour each) after school detention • 4th Offense – Saturday Work Study Program – 3 hours • 5th Offense – 1 day suspension (in house) for defiance

  20. Cell Phone/Electronic Devices - Violations • 1st Offense: confiscation and 1 hour detention after school • 2nd offense: confiscation and (2) 1 hour detentions after school • 3rd offense: confiscation – SWSP • 4th offense: 1 day suspension (in house) • 5th & subsequent offenses: Student will lose privilege of having cell phone and/or electronic device on campus.

  21. Lunch Rules Use restroom before leaving When you’re out you’re out No food outside lunch area Don’t go past “15” Extra food table

  22. Lunch Procedures • Go directly into food line or sit down at tables to eat sack lunch • Wait for dismissal via stage speakers • Upon dismissal go directly to field for remainder of lunch period • Be on time for next class

  23. Operation Clean Sweep Campus Safety Program Vineyard Junior High School

  24. Operation Clean Sweep • DAYTIME LOITERINGCommunity Service up to $170 fine • SMOKING OR TOBACCO PRODUCTS“Smokeless Saturday” (includes pipes, papers, Skoal, etc.) Up to $75 fine/Comm Service • LITTERINGCommunity Service (Even if the mess is cleaned up) $100 - $750 fine • FIGHTING“Anger Management” (includes challenging to fight, Up to $400 fine/Comm Service gestures, etc.) • KEEPING LOST PROPERTY Community Service (I found it)Up to $170 fine

  25. Operation Clean Sweep • Petty Theft Community Service (take anything not yours) Up to $1,000 fine • Minor possessing aerosol paint can Community Service Up to $1000 fine • Affix Graffiti Up to 200 hrs Comm Service (Any tagging, gang related or not) Up to $1000 fine/DL suspension • Under the Influence Alcohol/Drug Diversion Prog (Alcohol or marijuana)Up to $1000 fine/DL suspension • Minor possessing alcohol Alcohol/Drug Diversion Prog Up to $250 fine/DL suspension • Possess less than 1 oz Marijuana Alcohol/Drug Diversion Prog (including one joint) Up to $500 fine/DL suspension

  26. If you get cited . . • Student will have to appear in juvenile traffic court with parent. • A judge will impose a sentence at the time of the hearing. • Hearing officer can impose fines, community service, probation stipulations, and other options as he or she sees fit.

  27. School-Wide Discipline Plan • Intent is to minimize classroom and school-wide misconduct • Discipline Plan is very straightforward/progressive • Plan will target disruptive behavior while on campus • When students receive discipline referrals, they may be placed on a “step” of the Plan – Parents will be contacted.

  28. Fighting/self-defense • Talking your way out of danger is self defense. • Walking away is self-defense • Running away is self-defense • Fighting is illegal; self-defense is legal • Engaging in a fight may result in a citation by police - this means you will have to appear in court and a fine may be imposed.

  29. FYI - Discipline Terms • Suspension – student is removed from the school classroom/site for a period of time for any violation of Ed Code 48900 • Recommendation for Expulsion- A recommendation by the principal that a student be removed not only from the school site but the entire district.

  30. Expulsion • Causing serious physical injury to another person, except in self-defense • Possession of any knife, or other dangerous object of no reasonable use to the pupil • Unlawful possession of any controlled substance • Robbery • Assault or battery upon any school employee

  31. Self Defense vs. Mutual Combat (fighting) • Fighting is mutually agreed upon combat –you are actively engaged in combat • Self-defense –using whatever means necessary to quickly end a situation that offers bodily injury.

  32. You are the Eyes and Ears of Vineyard ! • Any student who has knowledge of an inappropriate item/or action at school should report it to the principal immediately. • The reporting student’s identity will (absolutely) not be revealed. • Reported information will be investigated and proper action will be taken.

  33. Inappropriate Behavior • HANDS OFF! • No “hugging” • No “kissing” • NO “play fighting” • No “bullying” shoving/pushing • Keep “hands” to self • No selling of items on campus (unless school sponsored items)

  34. Promotion Requirements • 1.6 “Grade Point Average” GPA, for all 7th and 8th grade classes combined. • End of Year activities: • Party, Knotts, Promotion ceremony etc.

  35. Eligibility for Activities, Dances, and Assemblies • Students must have a 2.0 GPA • Students need to clear all detentions, book fees, and cafeteria fines. • “Rule of 3” – Students cannot have citizenship grade points that are equal to or more than “-3”. • Outdoor Education • Points: U = -2 N = -1

  36. Grade Level Competition • Spirit shirts- Watch for sale • Gold 7 Purple 8- • Attendance • Lunch clean-up • Participation points • WHO WILL WIN THE FIELD DAY? 7TH OR 8TH GRADE???

  37. Attendance • Be here and on time daily • SARB • Monthly prizes • Raging Waters basket

  38. Tardy Policy • All students are expected to be on time to all classes • 1st Tardy – Documented Warning • 2nd Tardy – 15 Minute Lunch Detention • 3rd Tardy – 1 hour after school detention • 4th Tardy ++ – 1 hour after school detention and SWSP - “Ineligible” for activities remainder of trimester.

  39. Hall Passes • Students must have a “hall pass” to be out of class for any reason (restroom, office, nurse’s office, etc) • Violation of this rule may result in detention time. • Truancy

  40. Before School • Students are to enter quad – Do not “loiter” in front of school. • Students should not enter school area through office • Yellow line near office door indicates “off limits” area Welcome to Vineyard JHS AM supervision begins at 7:55 am

  41. Dismissal • Dismissal is at 2:10 pm. • Students are to immediately exit school when dismissal bell rings. • When 2:20 pm “all clear” bell rings, students who remain on campus will be disciplined. • Exceptions: students who are participating in after school sports activities, students in study hall, or students who have teacher permission to meet with them.

  42. More rules • No selling of items on campus (unless school sponsored items) • No loitering after school in front or side of campus

  43. Computer Use • Students using school computers who access inappropriate web sites with reference to drugs, sex, weapons, etc. will be disciplined • Students who damage computers will lose computer use privileges and pay for any damages

  44. Internet Communication • Myspace and/or Facebook provide ways for students to create a profile page to use to meet new friends via the Internet. • Be extremely careful what you post or transmit electronically – even at home on your own time. • If you engage in inappropriate language, promote rumors, or post images that are harmful to others and has a negative impact on students at school, it will be investigated, and you may be subjected to school discipline actions. • SEXTING IS PROHIBITED

  45. 12 Rules of Cyber Safety •  Always solve problems face to face. •        Assume that all messages you send can and may be read by anyone.  • If you are being bullied online, talk to an adult and take it very seriously.  • Keep web pages private and never share passwords. •        Don’t give out ASL (Age Sex, Location).   • Never post anything online that you don’t want the world to see.

  46. 12 Rules of Cyber Safety • Never make a threat over the internet, even as a joke.     • Print out any threats you receive or see online and show them to an adult. • If someone says something to make you uncomfortable, sign off and block them. • Never meet anyone in person that you met online without parental consent. • Avoid chat rooms and never go private session with a stranger. •      Keep your web cam unplugged when not in use.

  47. X walk HERMOSA AVENUE Gate for Student entry/exit Student Drop off /pick up Lower Field Upper Field X-walk Exit Student Exit Staff Parking Lot Bus Lane Vineyard JHS Student drop off /pick up Student drop off /pick up HIGHLAND AVENUE Student Enter/Exit Administrative Offices Bus and staff entry only X -walk Handicap parking No entry for cars Handicapped parking Front Parking Lot Student drop off/pick up zone (west side of Mayberry) X -walk MAYBERRY AVENUE No Stopping Zone – (east side of Mayberry)7:30-8:30 am and 1:30-2:30 pm

  48. Always cross at marked crosswalks. • Make sure the road is clear in both directions before crossing. • If a vehicle approaches, make eye contact with the driver to be sure s/he sees you before you cross. • Look before walking past stopped vehicles. • Do not cross just because a driver waves you on. Be sure all lanes are clear first.

  49. CODE OF CONDUCT • Be on Time • Be prepared and follow directions • Do assignments • Respect the rights and property of others • Respect authority