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Knox Junior High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Knox Junior High School

Knox Junior High School

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Knox Junior High School

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    1. Knox Junior High School Welcome Future Knights!

    2. Mission Statement

    3. Administration Mr. Daw (Principal) Mrs. Good (Assistant Principal A-K) Mr. Gourley (Assistant Principal L-Z) Mrs. Morrow (School Counselor A-K) Ms. McCracken (School Counselor L-Z)

    4. Welcome Looking forward to a new year New challenges for students New responsibilities for students New opportunities for students

    5. Goals Provide a safe environment Enable students to become successful: Academically Socially Emotionally Encourage well-rounded education Prepare students for their future Work together to make school a fun place to be

    6. A Typical Day Arriving at School Time into Building (8:00am) Students must remain in the cafeteria until 8:40am First bell rings at 8:40 to go to first period Tardy bell rings at 8:50 Lockers/Backpacks Lunch/4th Period (30 min lunches) School Ends at 3:55 Pick-up/Car and Bus

    7. Sample 7th Grade Schedule

    8. The Registration Process Mr.Daw visited with Intermediate School teachers Distribute course selection sheets (Guides Available Online or by Request) Information Nights Course selection sheets are due Feb 15. Counselors will visit your campus on Feb 16 (Collins) and Feb 17 (Wilkerson) to input your Course Selection Sheets Course Selections sent home April 2nd

    9. Information Nights Parent Night Feb 6 at 6:30pm Your parents are invited to attend in the cafeteria. Elective Night/Counselor Help Sessions Feb 13 at 6:00 pm You and your parents are invited to attend. Counselors will be available to discuss your course selections on a first come first serve basis.

    10. 7-12 Program of Studies: Course Description and School Information Guide General Information Course Descriptions Placement Criteria Athletic Information High School Degree Plans/Career clusters On Website under Parent/ Student Services

    11. Factors in the Scheduling Process Staffing Class Size Availability of Course Core Course Selection Level vs. PreAP Specialty Classes Singleton Many Unique Choices for electives Seniority 8th grade gets 1st choice

    12. Adventure Into Academics Core Subject Information

    13. Required 7th Grade Courses Language Arts Mathematics Science Texas History Physical Education Electives

    14. Academic Success! Use planner/agenda Attend teacher tutorials (teachers provide this information via webpage, class syllabus, etc) Parent/Student Access Center (PAC/SAC) will give you an opportunity to stay current with your class averages and attendance records

    15. Academic Placement Pre-AP Language Arts Texas History Science Math Rigorous Curriculum More challenging Look at the requirements More Homework is to be expected More outside projects Are you a thinker and a doer? Work ethic is everything in PreAP. In high school do you plan to take AP classes prior to graduation? If so, PreAP needs to be strongly considered. 2 PreAP classes are recommended

    16. Enrichment Classes: Math Enrichment and Reading Enrichment All students TAKS and STAAR scores will be reviewed Students needing assistance will be placed in a mandatory TAKS class Usually the student will score 75 or below on test scores Previous years will be examined as well 8th graders who do not pass may not go on to 9th grade Do your BEST in 6th grade on STAAR!!

    17. Semester and Final Exams All classes will take a semester and final exam during the course of the year The exam may or may not be cumulative The exam will count 10% of the students semester average for junior high courses The semester and final exams for courses that receive high school credit will count 15% of the semester average (Algebra, Geometry, Spanish, Health, Communication Applications)

    18. Information to Help A Guide to Success

    19. Communication E-Mail Easiest, Quickest Agendas Provided to keep YOU on track and organized in your classes. Teacher Web pages Knox Web page Counselor Web page for more information Parent/Teacher Conferences welcomed!!

    20. Student Access CISD Homepage Calendar Student Access Class Conferences Student Email accounts through First Class Students file storage on First Class

    21. School Rules Provide a Safe Atmosphere Provide a Healthy School Environment Provide a Positive and Proud Attitude Limit Disruptions - Distractions to a minimum Positive student behavior has a direct effect on student success!

    22. Discipline Knight Pride Men of Character and Ladies of Honor Knight Pride Tickets Earn prizes for good behavior Teach Problem Solving Skills Teach Good Decision- Making Skills Promote School Safety

    23. Guiding our Knights Knight School Character Ed. program Tutorials Intramurals Knighting Ceremony for new students Counseling Groups Mentor Program Counselors

    24. Electives A Taste of Adventure

    25. Elective Choices Art I Music Appreciation Exploring Career Connections Computer Applications Technology I Teen Leadership Debate Theater Arts I Theater Arts II Human Services TV broadcasting Health (8th only) Comm. App. ( 8th Only) Spanish I (8TH only) Art II (8th Only)

    26. Spanish I 1 year program- 8th grade only Will receive an elective high school credit Will count as a foreign language credit in high school Must have a strong A average in 7th grade Language Arts

    27. Athletics Athletic Period Volleyball (sign up for Girls Athletics) Football (sign up for Boys athletics) Basketball (For B-Ball only sign up for P.E.) Cross Country (sign up for Cross Country) Before or After school Track Soccer Tennis Golf

    28. Athletics Watch for Tryout/meeting dates all 6th graders who want to be in athletics will need to attend one meeting this Spring Feb 13(Elective Night) Coaches will visit your campus Watch for practice start dates Physicals required Birth Certificate - copy 1 year Commitment!!!!!!!

    29. Private PE Application required: 5+ hours per week will fulfill the Physical Education requirement (attend school all day but no PE or Athletics) 15 + hours a week for early release 7th period at 3:05 Must be an approved facility Must register for a year-long elective

    30. Fine Arts Music Band Choir Orchestra Each of these courses requires an audition. Each course is a full year course. 1 year Commitment!!!!

    31. Spirit/Performing Groups Cheerleaders Parent meeting March 6, 6:30 Tryouts March 19-22 Information packets will be available at your campus front office Gingham Girls Parent meeting March 20, 6:00 Information packets will be available at your campus front office

    32. Clubs Athletic Track Soccer Golf Tennis Intramurals Color Guard Service Campus Watch Reading Buddies Student Council Activity Drama Science/Robotics Student Council DI FCA Intramurals Fishing Knox Knitters Video Game Club and anything you may want (pending approval and finding a sponsor)

    33. Technology Computers in Class Computer lab in Library WOW carts TVs Smart Boards E-mail Web Page

    34. A Junior High Students Responsibilities Be at school each day Participate in school activities Respect yourself, other students, and all adults Be a Man of Character and a Lady of Honor Turn in all assignments Have a positive attitude ? Solve your problems seek help! Take responsibility and be responsible

    35. Knox Elective Night Feb. 13 at 6:00 p.m. come and go Information about Elective Choices Meet other students Last minute schedule help Athletics will have a meeting in the gym at 6:40 You will be able to see the classrooms where the electives are held and visit with students and teachers.

    36. Important Dates Parent Night: February 6 Elective Night: February 13 6:00 (athletics 6:40) Course Selection Sheet due February 15 Course Data Entry Collins Feb 16 Wilkerson Feb 17 Initial Course Verifications will be sent home April 2nd. Course Change Deadline: May 1 Final Course verifications sent home early May Student Orientation Mid August

    37. Student Orientation Mid August - Student Orientation (lockers and schedules) 4 p.m. 7 p.m. Opportunity to: Receive books Receive lockers Receive schedules Locate classes PTA Information Purchase School Supplies Bus Information Athletic Information

    38. Now its time to pick your classes! Here is your course selection sheet. Do not lose it. Keep it somewhere safe. You will turn it in to your teacher on February 15th.

    39. Step I- Required Academic Courses Select a total of 7 credits. You are required to take at least 5 credits of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History, and Physical Education. Select one from each required course. The remaining courses will come from your elective choices.

    40. Step II: Elective Courses Select your remaining credits from the elective choices on the right side of your sheet. Notice some electives are only .5 credits. (remember .5+.5= 1.0 credit) Use the worksheet at the bottom of your sheet to help you add up your credits.

    41. Step III- Alternate Electives Please list 3 alternates in order of preference. Alternates will be used if a students first choice is unavailable.

    42. Step IV: Scheduling Every effort will be made to honor student/ parent requests, as expressed in the spring registration process; however, please be advised that the final student schedule may not be an exact match to expressed interest, due to reading and or mathematics support requirements, as well as the number of students enrolling and course availability. Pre AP recommendations: it is strongly recommended that 7th grade students do not enroll in more than 2 Pre AP advanced courses.

    43. Step V. Commitment There is a one year commitment that you will sign on your course selection sheet for all Pre AP classes, athletics, and 1 year electives. That means you will not be allowed to change your schedule once your selections are made.

    44. Step VI- Sign and Return Please sign your course selection sheet at the bottom. Also, have your parent/guardian sign your sheet. You will return your sheet to your school on Wednesday, February 15th. We will be back to input courses on: Feb. 16 at Collins Feb. 17 at Wilkerson

    45. Knox Junior High School GO KNIGHTS!