tips for home studying during the coronavirus pandemic n.
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EduBow - Tips For Home Studying During The Coronavirus Pandemic PowerPoint Presentation
EduBow - Tips For Home Studying During The Coronavirus Pandemic

EduBow - Tips For Home Studying During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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  1. Tips For Home Studying During The Coronavirus Pandemic

  2. Introduction During this unprecedented time, when people are finding themselves homebound for weeks at a time, things have to be done differently. You may be home by yourself, or quarantined with your family, study preparations for an exam like the GMAT will need an adjustment to allow you to fully focus. The following tips can help.

  3. Clean Your Study Space If you already have a desk in your bedroom, that’s a great start. Declutter the space and make room for your books, computer and any other study tools. Remove, during your chosen study time, anything unrelated to your exam preparation.

  4. Communicate to others It’s crucial to let anyone else in your home know when you’ll be studying, whether it is a set time each day or a block of hours on certain days. This will give you quiet time to focus and hopefully ensure that you are not disturbed.

  5. Tune out distractions If you find that you need to tune out the noise being made by others around your home, prepare yourself with some headphones and your favorite studying music. Instrumental music—classical, jazz, lo-fi hip hop or synthwave, for example—is helpful as background music, cancelling out unwanted noise as well as providing a motivating soundtrack for studying. Experiment with different genres to see what works for you.4. Focus

  6. Focus Focusing on studying during the pandemic, under quarantine, comes with particular difficulties. If you’ve managed to study and focus for the duration of your goal time, be sure to reward yourself! The reward could be an extra hour of binge-watching your favorite show, eating an indulgent dessert, taking a nap or anything else that you enjoy.

  7. Keep Reading Whether you’re reading for pleasure or for reference, keep at it. Reading can help with vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. It will also help in stimulating your mind in your downtime.

  8. Ask for help online If you are looking for quick help for your homework or need assistance for college assignment and doubt-clearing sessions, get on to an online learning marketplace. EduBow can definitely help. Check it out here:

  9. stay home stay safe

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