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Generations of Faith

Generations of Faith

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Generations of Faith

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  1. Generations of Faith Lifelong faith Formation for The Whole Parish Community

  2. Foundations of Generations of Faith • Foundation 1: A Living Faith • Foundation 2: A Lifelong Learning Community • Foundation 3: A comprehensive Framework • Foundation 4: A Model of Catechizing Activity

  3. Foundation 1: A Living Faith • Informs: nurtures people’s minds and hearts with wisdom of the Catholic Faith • Form: Shaping people’s identity and lifestyle through Christian Discipleship. • Transform: empower people to live their faith

  4. Foundation 2: A Lifelong Learning Community • Every activity of Church Life is viewed as an opportunity for learning. • Prepares people for active, conscious, meaningful participation in liturgy and the Church year. • Reflects on the meaning and significance of their participation • Prepares people for the work of justicie and service • Reflects on the connection between their actions and their faith • Contributes to a strong sense of community, a deepening of Catholic commitment and an increase in Catholic practice.

  5. Foundation 3: A Comprehensive Framework • Promotes knowledge of Faith • Liturgical education: teaches meaning of liturgy and sacraments • Moral Formation: fosters conversion of life and values • Teaches to Pray • Education of community life: how we live our faith • Missionary initiation: equipping the faithful to be present as Christians in society.

  6. Foundation 4: A model of Catechizing Activity • A faith approach of immersing people more deeply in the life of the church • Learn by participating and experiencing • Integrating practices into each person’s life.

  7. Practices of Generations of Faith • Practice 1: Events Centered Catechesis • Practice 2: Lifelong and systematic Catechesis • Practice 3: Emergent Catechetical content • Practice 4: connected Catechesis: Prepare, Engage, Reflect/Apple • Practice 5: Intergenerational Catechesis • Practice 6: Alignment of Catechesis for all Ages • Practice 7: Home Faith Formation

  8. Practice 1: Events Centered Catechesis • Generations of Faith, faith formation is events-centered. It is developed around our all ready existing Church events: • Church Year Feasts and Seasons • Sacraments and Liturgy • Prayer and Spirituality • Justice and Service • Community Life

  9. Practice 2: Lifelong and systematic Catechesis • Since Generations of Faith is fashioned around Church Life and Events it forms a systematic cycle of continuous curriculum. This lifelong curriculum is formed from the Gospel message through six major content areas: • Church year feasts and seasons • Sacraments, • Justice and service, • Morality • Prayer and Spirituality • Creed

  10. Practice 3: Emergent Catechetical Content • Event Centered Catechesis emerges us into the Beliefs and practices for Catholic Life and provides curriculum centered on foundations of the Catholic Faith.

  11. Practice 4: Connected Catechesis: Prepare, Engage, Reflect/Apply • Generations of Faith prepares people of all ages for participation in Church events and helps them reflect and apply the meaning of the event into their lives as Catholics. • Preparation empowers people to participate completely in the event and then live out its meaning and significance. • Engaging in the event by actively participating transforms peoples lives and they learn. • Reflection helps people to share their experience and apply the meaning to their daily lives.

  12. Practice 5: Intergenerational Catechesis • Generations of Faith provides events-centered catechetical programs for all ages and generations in the parish community. • Builds Community • Generations share and learn from each other • Provides an environment where new ways of living one’s faith can be practiced. • Provides adult role models • Promotes understanding and respect for all individuals in all stages and ages of life through shared values and a common faith. • Helps to overcome the age-segregated nature of Church programs.

  13. Practice 6: Alignment of Catechesis for All Ages • Generations of Faith aligns the whole faith community in a common theme which will maximize family members opportunity for sharing and activities.

  14. Practice 7: Home Faith Formation • Generations of Faith empowers and enables individuals and families to live their faith at home and in the world. It enhances faith sharing at home. It provides resources and tools to extend and expand the learning from the event to their daily lives and home life.

  15. St. Michael’s Blended Curriculum • Using the Blended Approach, St. Michaels will develop an events-centered curriculum as their lifelong curriculum for all ages and generations and continue offering age-group catechesis for children, youth and adults.

  16. St. Michael’s Plan • Six to 8 Generations of Faith Events per year. • K-5 Grade Children’s Liturgy of the Word. • Middle School Youth Group: Grades 6-8 • High School Youth Group: Grades 9-12 • Young Adult Ministry for Singles 18-28 • Young Adult Ministry for Married 20-30

  17. The Plan (con’t) • Adult Faith Formation • Bible Studies • Sacramental Preparation for Families and Children • Prayer Group • RCIA • Rosary Group • Women of Grace for School Moms • JustFaith Social Justice Program • Stewardship Program • Catechist training for both School Teachers and Volunteer Catechists • Catholics Come Home

  18. The Plan (con’t) • Non Gathered: • Bulletin Calendar Design/Insert • Family take home packets with projects to do at home. • Question of the week in the bulletin • Regularly updated web page for Faith Formation

  19. St. Michael’s Six Year Events Plan • Year 1: Year of the Creed • Year 2: Year of Sacraments • Year 3: Year of Prayer & Spirituality • Year 4: Year of Morality • Year 5: Year of Justice • Year 6: Year of Church Year Feasts and Seasons

  20. Year 1: Year of Creed • The Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit • God the Father and Creator • Jesus Christ, Son of God • Jesus Christ: Death and Resurrection • Holy Spirit • The Church • Communion of Saints and Life Everlasting

  21. Year 2: Year of Sacraments • Introduction to Baptism & Confirmation • Celebrating Baptism: Word, Symbol, Ritual • Celebrating Confirmation: Word, Symbol, Ritual • Introduction to Eucharist • Eucharist: A walk through the Mass • Eucharist: Listening to God’s Word • Eucharist: Celebrating Christ Present • Introduction to Reconciliation • Celebrating Reconciliation: Word, Symbol, Ritual • Introduction to Anointing of the Sick • Celebrating Anointing of the Sick: Word, Symbol, Ritual • Introduction to Marriage • Celebrating Marriage • Introduction to Holy Orders • Celebrating Holy Orders

  22. Year 3: Year of Prayer & Spirituality • Introduction to Prayer • Call to Prayer • The Lord’s Prayer • Praying through the Year: Advent & Christmas Seasons • Praying through the Year: Lent & Easter Seasons • The Rosary • Catholic Prayers and Devotions

  23. Year 4: Year of Morality • Introduction to Morality • Introduction to Moral Decision Making • Love of God and Neighbor • Respect of Human Dignity • Justice • Faithfulness • Honesty and Integrity • Care, Compassion and Forgiveness

  24. Year 5: Year of Justice • Introduction to Justice and Catholic Social Teaching • Dignity of Human Life • Rights and Responsibilities • Solidarity • Option for the Poor • Care for God’s Creation • Peace

  25. Year 6: Year of Church Year Feasts and Seasons • Preparing for the Messiah and Birth of the Messiah • Holy Family • Epiphany • Baptism of the Lord • Practices of Lent: Praying, Fasting Almsgiving • Holy Week and the Pascal Mystery • Pentecost: Gift of the Holy Spirit • All Saints: Communion of Saints