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The Earth – Sun Relationship

The Earth – Sun Relationship. Core Content. SC-04-2.3.4

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The Earth – Sun Relationship

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  1. The Earth – Sun Relationship

  2. Core Content • SC-04-2.3.4 • Students will identify patterns, recognize relationships and draw conclusions about the Earth-Sun system by interpreting a variety of representations/models (e.g., diagrams, sundials, distance of sun above horizon) of the sun’s apparent movement in the sky.

  3. Objective • Be able to explain patterns that occur within the Earth-sun system.

  4. Essential Question • How can we determine patterns/relationships within the Earth-sun system using models?

  5. Vocabulary • Rotation – describes the way earth spins on its axis (causes day and night). • Revolution – describes how earth circles the sun (takes 1 year). • Axis – an imaginary line that runs between earth’s north and south poles

  6. Earth’s Rotation • Earth spins on its axis like a top. • It takes one full day for earth to make one full spin on its axis. • This causes day and night. • Explains why the sun and other stars appear to move across the sky.

  7. Earth’s Tilt • Earth’s Axis is tilted 23 ½ degrees. • If Earth’s axis was upright, our days would always be the same length and we would have no seasons. • Earth’s tilt causes the seasons and longer or shorter days.

  8. Earth’s Revolution • All planets orbit the sun because of gravitational pull. • Earth’s orbit around the sun is called its revolution. • Earth’s orbit is elliptical, not circular. • As earth revolves around the sun, the seasons change. • It takes earth 365 days (or 1 year) to revolve the sun once.

  9. The Earth/Sun System

  10. Earth’s Revolution

  11. Today’s ticket out the door… • What is rotation? • What is revolution? • What would happen if earth was not tilted on its axis? • Describe what causes day and night. • Explain why seasons change.

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