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  1. Weather “know your world”

  2. Weather Weather Weather

  3. What is Weather? The daily condition of the atmosphere. Includes temperature, precipitation, and wind.

  4. What is Climate? Long term average weather

  5. Density High Density Low Density Hot Air Warm Water Rises • Cold Air • Cold Water • Sinks

  6. Specific Heat Takes a long time to boil water to make pasta The concrete by the pool gets much hotter than the pool water How long it takes something to heat up Water =long time to heat up=high specific heat index

  7. Influences of weather

  8. Top Influences of Weather Latitude Oceans & Ocean Currents Winds Pressure Topography & Elevation Air Masses

  9. Latitude: distance north or south of the Equator, determines temperature zones and weather patterns

  10. Ocean Currents

  11. Gulf Stream: warm water current in the Atlantic Ocean, current goes south to north, takes warm water towards Europe

  12. Prevailing Winds

  13. Pressure Wind blows from High pressure to Low pressure

  14. Topography & Elevation Mountains and large landforms can affect the weather. Mountains: one side is very rainy and wet and the other side is a dry desert.

  15. Weather Fronts

  16. Air Mass • Air mas has same characteristics of the land or water it is over • If the land is cold and dry, then the air mass will be cold and dry • If the ocean is warm and moist, then the air mass will be warm and moist • Air masses can be cold or hot, dry or moist

  17. Air Masses

  18. Fronts • Weather fronts are on the edge or front side of a moving air mass • Fronts separate warm and cold air masses • For example: • A large cold air mass will have a cold front in front of it • A large warm air mass will have a warm front in front of it

  19. Weather Fronts

  20. Weather Fronts Animation Weather Map Symbols

  21. Cold Front moving through the Dallas area on Wednesday, April 18th, 2013 Tuesday, April 17th, had a high temperature of 87°, after the cold front moved through Wednesday, April 18th was 47°. It also stormed and rained the morning of the 18th (a common weather event with a cold front). The following few days had sunny skies and cool temperatures.

  22. Des Moines Denver  Kansas City  Las Vegas Atlanta  Dallas

  23. Tornado

  24. Mr. Walden at the Goshen Wyoming Tornado!

  25. What is a Tornado? Rotating column of air

  26. Tornado Alley

  27. …but actually Tornadoes occur in many other places including the Southeast and Midwest; there are many tornado alleys.