encouraging healthy relationships n.
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Encouraging Healthy Relationships PowerPoint Presentation
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Encouraging Healthy Relationships

Encouraging Healthy Relationships

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Encouraging Healthy Relationships

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  1. Encouraging Healthy Relationships 9thGrade Period 4

  2. 1- an emotional or social connection? Relationship When people are in healthy relationships, they are good to each other, and also help keep each other safe and healthy. 2- what does doing your part mean? Personal responsibility Keeping a promise, doing your part, accepting the consequences of your actions. Building Relationships

  3. 3) Why do we want to communicate clearly? A- the person can understand what we are trying to say. B- the person your talking to can see your face as you talk. C- Make eye contact while talk is going on. “Good listening skills will keep you focused on what you are currently doing, no matter what the case.” Building Relationships

  4. 4- ____________________ is a way of communicating by using the “look” on your face, or how you hold your hands/posture. Body Language 5- ______________________, the way you choose to act or respond. Behavior “Acting on your thoughts and feeling in a way that respects the thoughts and feelings of others is being Assertive!” Body Language

  5. 6) Extended family- includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. 7) Blended family- 2 families combine Doing chores, is that a good or bad thing to do when it comes to helping out your family? 8) Nurturing- providing the things that people need in order to live and grow. Family Relationships

  6. Respect- -Follow family rules -keep your word -Discuss disagreements respectfully. -Treat everyone else how you would want to be treated. -listen to that person when they are talking to you. Family Relationships

  7. 9) Neglect- did not meet basic needs 10) Abuse- harming you in an offensive way Abuse and neglect can hurt a person both physically and emotionally. Forms of abuse, 11)Physical 12)Emotional 13)Sexual Problems

  8. Tell me what a community is? 14) Community- people who live and share common backgrounds, locations and share similar interests. What do I mean when I say, “I will tolerate someone?” 15) Tolerance- ability to respect their differences. Life in a Health Community

  9. Obey rules and laws • Practice tolerance • Take part in community activities • Respectfully talk to people • Work with others • “When have more ways to solve problems, you are more likely to find good solutions.” When living in a Community

  10. 16) When you have a relationship between yourself, and another person. What is that called? Friendship. 17) Peers- people who you are around, that only see for short amounts of time. 18) Friends- a person or group you spend time with. Why is positive Peer Pressure Good? Building Friend Ships

  11. Positive ways of showing affection -Saying kind words -offering a smile -Laughing with them -high five -card or letter -patting back -supporting Building Friend Ships

  12. Emotional / Social (relationship) • Taking accountability (personal) • Types of families • Respect, chores, communication • Body language • Forms of abuse • What kinds of friend are out there • Affection Healthy Relationships Review

  13. Study • Test “After power point, get with a group of 3. Once you are there I want you to go through the worksheet and quiz each other.” 8 minutes. -Grief Notes -Suicide & Depression -Relationships Notes From Today. End of Chapter Review Study for test Wednesday Nov 7th.