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Guatemala A-Z PowerPoint Presentation
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Guatemala A-Z

Guatemala A-Z

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Guatemala A-Z

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  1. Guatemala A-Z By: Dayrin Mansilla Grade 5-ESL May, 2012

  2. A is for Animals Guatemala has many different animals: • Quetzal • Scarlet Macaws • Toucans • Manatees

  3. B is for Bordering Countries The countries that border Guatemala are: • Mexico • Belize • Honduras • El Salvador

  4. C is for Cascarones Cascarones are painted eggs filled with confetti. Children make and play with them during Easter time.

  5. D is for Date of Freedom On September 15,1821 Guatemala was freed from Spanish rule.

  6. E is for El Son El Son is a Mayan Indian dance tradition and my family does the same tradition, too.

  7. F is for Futbol Futbol means soccer. Soccer is the favorite sport in Guatemala.

  8. G is for Guatemala City Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala.

  9. H is for Huipils Huipils [Wee-Pils] are colorful loose blouses that girls and women wear.

  10. I is for Important People Some important people in Guatemala are Ex-President Vinicio Cereso [Mobol Peace] and Rigoberta Mench.

  11. J is for Jungle The jungles in Guatemala have some animals like: • Spider Monkeys • Yellow Jaguars

  12. K is for Key Facts Some cool facts about Guatemala are: • Guatemala is the third largest country in Central America. • Guatemalans call their country “The land where it is always spring”. • About 75% of Guatemala’s children go to school. • People in rural areas buy their food at outdoor markets. • The population of Guatemala is 13,824,463

  13. L is for Language There are 2 official languages in Guatemala: • Spanish • Mayan

  14. M is for Mango Guatemala has delicious mango and there are a lot of mango trees.

  15. N is for Native Americans Mayan Indians are the first people who were in Guatemala and there are 23 different groups. Some of my family members speak Mayan.

  16. O is for Ocean The oceans that border Guatemala are the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

  17. P is for Panama Canal The Panama Canal is one of the most important trade routes in the world.

  18. Q is for Quetzal The national bird of Guatemala is Quetzal. Also, the currency or money in Guatemala is Quetzal.$1.00 U.S = $7.70 G.T.Q.

  19. R is for Religion The main religion is Roman Catholicism. Old Roman Catholicism New Roman Catholicism

  20. S is for Spain Long time ago, Spain took over Guatemala in the 1500s. I have family who lived in Spain.

  21. T is for Tzutes Tzutes [Zoo-Tay-sis] are a head covering for men and women.

  22. U is for Understand Here are some English to Spanish words: Boy Niño [NEEN-yoh] Girl Niña [NEEN-yah] Good Morning Buenos Dias [bway-nohs DEE-ahs] Good Bye Adios [ah-dee-OHS] Food Comida [koh-MEE-dah] Hello Hola [OH-lah] House Casa [KAH-sah] Thank You Gracias [GRAH-see-ahs]

  23. V is for Volcanoes In Guatemala there are 34 volcanoes. Two of Guatemala’s volcanoes are Tajumulco and Pacaya. The Pacaya volcano is the one has been the most destructive.

  24. W is for Weave Women weave colorful patterns and the decorations and designs tell stories about their families or villages.

  25. X is for Xylophone A marimba is a musical instrument and it looks like a large, wooden xylophone.

  26. Y is for Yes! Yes! Guatemala is part of North America on the isthmus that connects North America to South America.

  27. Z is for Zapote Zapote is a fruit that grows on the chicle tree.

  28. I Love Guatemala