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  1. Proposals A Template

  2. In Organizations & Workplaces: proposals… • Clarify work agreements within and outside the organization • Set forth your productivity objectives • State intentions with provisions & contingencies • Outline milestones, deliverables, timeline, & needs • Become shared documents among teams to flexibly structure work • Offer baselines for judging the quality of work (Assessment measures)

  3. In this class: proposals… • Clarify work agreements w/me and orgs. • Set forth your learning purposes • Outline milestones, deliverables, timelines, & needs • Task particular activities to individuals • Include ways of assessing outcomes

  4. Proposal Template: Introduction Background or Overview • Set the context for this work Organization presented X needs initially Given work completed in C N A we found that x types of deliverables will address y problems. Statement of Intent: “Here we propose to do x in light of the following rationale, resources, and timelines. We offer what we believe will be one way to best assess the outcomes of our work and seek further review of our work. • Offers the story behind this work

  5. Proposal Template: Purpose Purpose (this is offers more details about exigencies informing your work) • We have the following objectives for this work: • For organization: To do x, y, and z that helps build capacities, develop assets, ease workloads, enhance institutional memory • To write for x,y, and z audiences we’ve identified. • For ourselves: To learn X, Y, and Z

  6. Proposal Template: Milestones & Deliverables Milestones show how you will scaffold your work: They show the process by which you will complete phases of work. Deliverables include the kinds of drafts you will develop, the reviews of these you will create, the revisions you’ll accomplish, and what to expect for a final product

  7. Proposal Template: Timelines Timelines schedule what is due when and where. • They offer a concrete picture of what you will do in and what you need from class time. • They provide me a roadmap for which I can hold you accountable for tasks accomplished • They provide you a flexibly structured work contract to hold each other to. • They allow you to task products to individuals in group.

  8. Proposal Template: Needs Provide honest assessment of your assets, capacities, resources, and needs. They tell me (as a manager) how I can best facilitate your work. They tell me where I can provide you resources (extra time in class, lab time, workshops outside of class, tutorials on software, peer reviews, feedback and suggestions, etc).

  9. Proposal Template: Assessment/Evaluation This section tells the stakeholders how you will seek their input, when and where It tells us what kinds of feedback you need and in the form you need it. (Take the feedback received for the You Vote logos, for instance--how could they have made that more helpful to you?) It tells us how to further help develop your deliverables (Need a peer review? User testing? 1-2-1 response from org. member? Another professor reading this? Survey?)

  10. Proposals What to Keep In Mind Format these as you would a professional writing document.

  11. Proposal To: Ellen and Org Members From: You Vote Group: Names Re: Website Revisions and Supporting Instructional Materials Background text Purpose Deliverables Milestones and Timelines Needs Evaluation

  12. Proposals What to Keep In Mind No more or less than 2 pages, single spaced, 11 point Headings/Content can be arranged as you please Graphics welcomed Footer (second page) includes group name, page number and date