brantford accommodation review st pius x school st bernard school st mary school n.
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Brantford Accommodation Review St. Pius X School St. Bernard School St. Mary School PowerPoint Presentation
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Brantford Accommodation Review St. Pius X School St. Bernard School St. Mary School

Brantford Accommodation Review St. Pius X School St. Bernard School St. Mary School

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Brantford Accommodation Review St. Pius X School St. Bernard School St. Mary School

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  1. Brantford Accommodation ReviewSt. Pius X SchoolSt. Bernard SchoolSt. Mary School Accommodation Review Public Meeting November 18, 2009

  2. Question – Has the expansion of Hardy Road and St. Andrew Drive been taken into consideration as housing will increase in that area? Response – If the development of the Hardy Road area was performed prior to 2008 than the information would have been included in the Boards enrolment study. Questions Public Meeting #2

  3. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – If an amalgamation between St. Bernard and St. Pius X takes place, have the boundaries been reviewed; which schools are available to the students? Response – The ARC will make recommendations concerning boundaries and student relocation. Schools in the area, which have available space for students, are Christ the King, Jean Vanier and Holy Cross.

  4. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – Have there been any concerns raised with the close proximity of a hotel to St. Pius X? Response– The Board has not been made aware of any concerns.

  5. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – The proximity of the hotel, fast food establishments, noise and air pollution from Highway 403 were raised; as well as concerns for increased supervision to ensure students do not leave the school grounds. Response – The Board does take into consideration the sight plan, security and traffic.

  6. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – Children attending St. Pius X have to cross four lanes of traffic to get to their school are there any other schools in the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board where children must cross major traffic? Response – Students attending Christ the King have Brant Avenue to cross. Students attending Holy Cross have Colborne Street to cross. When making recommendations the Board takes into consideration traffic paths and the transportation needs associated with those traffic concerns.

  7. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – What are the ongoing costs of busing students and will transportation remain cost effective with increased needs? Response – The Committee will be reviewing and making recommendations concerning transportation needs at future meetings.

  8. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – From the information provided, the Board has stated that they recommend the amalgamated school be built on St. Pius X land; will the ARC have the influence to change the location of the new school? Response – The purpose of an ARC is to ensure that in keeping with its obligation, Board staff and members of our Catholic Learning Community consistently be aware of best educational practices, assess the effectiveness of current situations and make appropriate decisions to ensure suitable and equitable learning environments for all students. All recommendations from the ARC will be brought to Board before any decisions are made.

  9. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – Have St. Bernard and St. Pius X had Land Surveys and Plot Sites evaluations? And if so can they be provided for the next public meeting? Response – Both St. Bernard and St. Pius X have been evaluated, the information will be made available

  10. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – While reviewing the draft valuation framework, concerns were raised that St. Bernard scores where significantly higher than St. Pius X. Response – It’s the committee’s responsibility to interpret the valuation framework results and then make their recommendations.

  11. Questions Public Meeting #2 Comment – One parent raised the point that moving schools will make it more difficult for their child to participate in extracurricular activates.

  12. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – Are there any repairs or utilities that the school needs that parents may not be aware of concerning the high Facility Condition Index? Response – There are many factors the Boards take into consideration; • Roofing • Heating/ventilation • Windows • Boiler • Site work, including drainage.

  13. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – Is there funding available though the Ministry of Education for repairs? Is there a contingency plan in place if the funding for a new school does not get approved by the Ministry of Education? Response – The Board is allotted $1.5 million in funding for repairs for thirty-two schools. If repairs and maintenance exceed the $1.5 million we will need to cut back on projects or renovations taking place at other schools. Capital funding, which is based on enrolment, has not been announced for this year, the Board has a reasonable chance to be approved for funding.

  14. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – How will enrolment numbers increase with full-day learning coming into affect? How many children will the new school accommodate? Response – The enrolment numbers provided are the Boards current numbers, the updated projected numbers will be made available. The new school will accommodate approximately 320 students.

  15. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – Are full-day learning programs required to have an ECE in every room? Response – The Ministry of Education requires each full-day learning junior kindergarten and senior kindergarten class to have one teacher and one early childhood educator.

  16. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – How has Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. complied these figures? Response – Watson & Associates analyze the projected trends; existing and expanding development will offset the decline in birth rate.

  17. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – Where the minutes of the first public meeting reviewed at the working committee meeting? Response – Yes. All questions and concerns were addressed and reviewed at the working committee meeting.

  18. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – A survey was created by a parent as an avenue for the community to voice their opinions on the amalgamation of St. Bernard and St. Pius X; can the Board create a survey for parent feedback? Response – Parents can voice their opinions to the school principal or school council.

  19. Questions Public Meeting #2 Question – Concerns have been raised by St. Bernard parents that the land will be allocated to St. John’s College. Response – No decisions have been made concerning the St. Bernard property.

  20. Questions Public Meeting #2 Comment – A concern was raised regarding the projected enrolment at St. Mary School, with young families moving into the area this year’s enrolment has increased.

  21. Questions Public Meeting #2 Comment – Amalgamating St. Bernard and St. Pius X may also aid in the decline of students as families will move their children to area public schools.

  22. Questions Public Meeting #2 Comment – Brian Kinrade, ARC Committee Member, advised the public to forward any recommendations or concerns to their school council representative so they can be addressed during working committee meetings.

  23. Questions Public Meeting #2 Comment – A request was made for the Boards plans on the vacant lots.

  24. Transportation/ School Boundaries • Philip Kuckyt, Manager of Transportation, Student Transportation Services of Brant Haldimand Norfolk

  25. Enrolment Projections and Trends • Daniel Del Bianco Watson & Associates Economists and Planners

  26. School Valuations

  27. School Valuation

  28. School Valuation

  29. St. Mary’s School Options

  30. St. Pius/ St. Bernard’s School Options

  31. Moving Holy Cross to St. Mary’s

  32. Move St. Mary’s to Holy Cross

  33. Move St. Mary’s to Holy Cross and Christ the King

  34. Future use for St. Mary’s • Use as a resource centre • Sell property • Reg 444/98 prescribes who has first opportunity to purchase • Other ???

  35. Renovate Receiving School(s) • Upgrade electrical/mechanical • Provide more technology • Refresh classrooms • Other ???

  36. Site Size Comparisons

  37. St. John’s / St. Bernard’s

  38. St. Bernard’s

  39. St. Pius

  40. Jean Vanier

  41. St. Bernard with Soccer Field

  42. St. Pius X with Soccer Field

  43. Next Steps • ARC to review options • Options presented to public December 2 at Jean Vanier School • Will need a 5th public meeting to present draft recommendations