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Capability Brochure

Capability Brochure

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Capability Brochure

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  1. Capability Brochure

  2. Company Introduction Who Are Gerimus Consulting? Why Choose Gerimus Consulting? Our Approach Project Management Introduction Services Project methodology Programming Cost Management Introduction Services Change Control Cost Reporting Other Services Gerimus Consulting Company Information Previous Client Experience Contents

  3. Gerimus Consulting are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce our company capabilities to you. Following the formation of the company in 2004, Gerimus Consulting has grown from strength to strength. Our growth has been carefully managed to ensure that we are able to control and maintain the high standards upon which we have built our success to-date. Set up primarily as a Project Management company Gerimus Consulting have extensive experience with all aspects of Construction Consultancy. Building upon our successes we have further developed our skill base by training and a strategic recruitment policy to help ensure that we can advise our clients on all aspects of property procurement, development and maintenance. Gerimus Consulting consistently ensure client requirements are delivered successfully. Gerimus Consulting’s experience of working both in the UK and throughout the EMEA region ensures exceptional levels of service from our UK team and our regional partners. The Gerimus Consulting team look forward to the opportunity of working with you and trust that the following document will provide you with the necessary information. Company Introduction

  4. Gerimus Consulting is a collection of construction consultants with a primary objective of providing clients with a service which is unparalleled in both service provision and quality. Established in 2010 by Matthew Homewood who has over 15 year experience of working to deliver property consultation services both within the UK and EMEA through employment with London based firms of surveyors and project managers. Matthew has maintained relations with a number of consultants to ensure that as either a direct servie provider or as part of a team Gerimus Consulting can meet any clients property needs. We have been established and intend to remain a small company. We feel this is one of our major differentiators as we maintain the flexibility to tailor our broad scope of services exactly to our client’s specific requirements. This enables us to personally guarantee superior quality and service, before, during and after project completion. Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients by consistently delivering results beyond their expectations. Subsequently the majority of our work is through framework agreements and repeat business. We are a forward thinking and progressive company with a reputation of delivering. Our mission is to continue to build upon this as it is of paramount importance to us as our company continues to grow. Who Are Gerimus Consulting? • Gerimus Consulting as a company and individual staff members are affiliated to: • Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors “Providing exceptional quality and value to our clients is paramount. We consistently deliver projects on time, on budget, and to exacting standards….” Matthew Homewood Managing Director Gerimus Consulting

  5. We are a team who: Are fully committed to Project Management & Building Consultancy excellence. Will listen to you and be your partners throughout the whole process. Have a proven track record of successful workplace projects. Think innovatively to ensure all opportunities are addressed. Are market aware and commercially sensitive. Have expertise in overseeing complex projects. Have multi disciplinary skills ensuring understanding and quality throughout. Why Choose Gerimus Consulting? We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the commitment, flexibility and quality of our staff. Our team draws it’s expertise from various sectors and professions in construction and it is through this shared experience that we are able to offer unrivalled client experience and knowledge We are a ‘hands-on’ company with every single member of our Team available to manage client Projects, there is no marketing / sales team or management hierarchy that you will never see again post contract award. We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team who have experience of all aspects of project management and construction consultancy. We are singularly focussed on achieving outstanding results for our clients.

  6. Our experience of working with and assisting clients in all aspects of construction consultancy has given us an insight and understanding into the variety of reporting processes, working cultures and expectations of our clientele. Our team share the same working ethos, high levels of professionalism and standards expected namely: Integrity Client Commitment Teamwork Value and Quality The key to our approach is to build a team spirit developing and environment of mutual respect and trust whereby the whole team takes responsibility and ownership for the successful delivery of the project in total not just their own specific element. We ensure project success by setting clearly defined targets and key deliverables for every stage of the project. By using the industry standard RIBA stages as milestones we ensure both the client and the team are kept fully aware of the requirements to guarantee satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle. We have tried and tested Project Reporting, Change Control, and Programme Management procedures which ensure the client has visibility and appreciation of all aspects of the project prior to changes being implemented. We are extremely proud of our achievements in delivering Client’s projects and constantly look to improve our service through project review meetings with all stakeholders. We are happy to be able to provide client testimonials if required. Our Approach Gerimus Consulting

  7. Project Management With our experience we can identify at the outset all potential risks and opportunities on a particular project. To ensure we mitigate these risks and capitalise on the opportunities we produce master project programmes, procurement strategies, and schedules. Whilst we are often praised by our clients on our own project management procedures and standard documentation, we are more than happy to utilise our clients own preferred methods, systems and documentation as required. As a minimum we produce project programmes, regular project reports, including budgetary, in order to keep all parties fully abreast of the progress of the project throughout the project lifecycle. The key requirement for any project manager is to provide a single point of contact for the client. Gerimus Consulting will undertake the role of ‘Lead Consultant’ with total ownership and responsibility for managing all aspects of the project. If required Gerimus Consulting can also provide a full Professional Services Turnkey solution providing Architectural, MEP and QS services either in-house our via our extensive network of affiliates. Our experience of working in the UK, throughout EMEA and across many different cultural environments distinguishes us from our competitors. We have extensive knowledge and working relationships with local contractors and consultants and are well placed to advise clients in these areas. Throughout EMEA we have experience of managing projects both remotely utilising local consultants, as well as directly working in overseas locations. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal, providing leadership and coordination throughout every phase until successful completion.

  8. Project Management Independent, Seamless Service Gerimus Consulting manage and co-ordinate projects from inception to completion. We have an excellent track record in managing a diverse range of projects. With the flexibility to adapt to suit each client’s individual needs, our dynamic ‘hands-on’ approach drives projects to a successful conclusion. Many of the assignments we are involved in are complex, lengthy and demanding. Our team of highly qualified Project Managers utilise their skills acquired from a foundation of professional training and practical experience to guide each project through its phases. Increasingly, clients wish to deal with one company as their single point of contact for the entire design team. TPM are used to acting as ‘Lead Consultant’ and taking on responsibility for managing all aspects of the project, focusing on three key elements ‘Time, Cost and Quality’ to ensure success throughout the duration of the project: • Feasibility Stage • Consultant Appointment • Pre-Contract • Post Contract • Project Handover/Review “Company Ethics are critical in ensuring our clients receive the level of service they require. As Gerimus Consulting has no external stakeholders we are able to ensure the ethics & ethos of the directors is imparted onto all staff members.” Matthew Homewood Managing Director Gerimus Consulting

  9. Planning: • Meetings to establish Client’s requirements and prioritise phasing and moves. • IT requirements and co-ordination with specialist contractors. • Fire Certification compliance for the works. • Detailed phasing plans and programmes of works to minimise disruption, noise, dust, etc. and ensure best value for the Client • Identify early the long-lead requirements for the construction works and advise the Client to mitigate any potential programme delays. Communication & Reporting: • Establish effective processes to communicate to client team and personnel. • Establish meeting schedules and reporting formats. • Keep everyone informed and updated through update meetings, status reports and conference calls. • Obtain Client feedback on construction impact and concerns/problems Space Planning & Interior Design • Establish key client operations / needs and non standard operations requirements. • Analyse essential, preferable and desirable elements. • Establish future space requirements / company structure to ensure longevity of design and flexibility where necessary. Cost Control: • Establish realistic budgets for project and ensure design team work within the constraints of any given budget. • Ensure clients brief is complete to allow key design decisions to be made early. • Carefully manage changes to design at both pre and post contract stages. • Competitively tender works to ensure cost effective solution is presented and fully evaluated. Quality Control: • Consistently monitoring the quality of the works on site • Arranging mock-up’s on site to benchmark the standards required. • Ensure all material samples and finishes are to exemplary standards Construction: • Achievable programme and phasing of Client’s requirements with continual on site monitoring of progress and quality. • Contingency plans for staff relocation key dates. • Sign off of phasing prior to staff relocation. • Desk relocation check list to include staff IT requirements. • Minimising any disruption such as noise, dust, delivery of materials, etc. is pre-arranged with the Client. • Secure site and clean environment for any interface works Relocation: • Careful planning of move with matrices and drawings to ensure everyone knows their new position / move requirements. • PM attendance during staff relocation key dates. Health and Safety: • Ensuring all aspects of Health and Safety are stringently observed and managing any potential risks • Compliance by the Contractors with all H&S legislation • and completion of the H&S file.

  10. Typical Project Methodology

  11. Cost Management Quantity Surveying Expertise The QS team at Gerimus Consulting is made up of experienced cost managers from a range of contracting and consultancy backgrounds. General and specific cost management advice is provided on all aspects of refurbishment, fit-out and construction. We understand the importance of ensuring you have up-to-date cost information at your fingertips throughout the duration of the project as well as cost certainty. From project inception to completion: • Feasibility Advice • Procurement Strategy • Contractor Selection and Appointment • Control of Cost and Payment • Contract Administration • Risk Management • Value Engineering • Life Cycle Costing • Capital Allowances and Taxation Advice (Via External Consultants) “ThamesPM’s leadership skills, management processes, reports, presentations and ability to really understand and exceed our expectations are exceptional” Client Quote

  12. Feasibility Advice As designs develop we continually estimate costs and prepare capital expenditure budgets ensuring you have all the relevant information necessary to make an informed decision as to how to proceed. Procurement Strategy Choosing the correct procurement method is vital to the success of any building project. Inappropriate tendering or contractual arrangements may jeopardise the success of a project, increase cost and delay completion. The Gerimus Consulting team is qualified to advise which procurement system is best for you; giving you impartial and reliable advice. Contractor Selection and Appointment Gerimus Consulting ensures that your potential contractor is suitably experienced, qualified and financially sound. We also ensure that the selected contractor is appointed under the appropriate contract and that all the terms and conditions are satisfied. Control of Cost and Payment Our proven Cost Management and Reporting Systems keep you fully informed throughout the project’s life cycle. Variations are priced and negotiated prior to being instructed and we produce detailed reports which are tailored to your needs. Contract Administration Project costs and expenditure are measured against the original project budget and tender prices. These detailed comparisons enable our quantity surveyors to certify appropriate payments. We understand that changes to the Project Brief often occur and, as such, ensure that communication channels and workable systems are put into place right from the start in order to manage these changes effectively. • Risk Management • Construction is a changing environment and there are many factors which vary from project to project. Gerimus Consulting analyses and monitors all of these factors and categorises them in terms of risk to you. • Value Engineering • You will naturally expect to achieve ‘value for money’. Using ‘value engineering techniques’, Gerimus Consulting analyses all the different elements of each project. We regard our role as providing you with the building you require at the most competitive cost. • Life Cycle Costing • As every project requires investment decisions to be made, you will need dependable advice to help you balance time, cost and quality. In addition to providing an initial framework for the operational expenditure budgets, the use of ‘life cycle costings’ allows us to propose alternative products, materials and even designs which offer the most cost-effective solution in the long term. • Capital Allowances and Taxation Advice • There are tax efficient ways to build, refurbish or fit-out a building. For example, the cost of repairing and maintaining a building can, but for a few exceptions, be deducted when reporting income tax. Costs of construction, as well as extension and conversion works are not normally immediately tax deductible but they can be set up on a depreciation plan. The Gerimus Consulting team of quantity surveyors can advise you on the most appropriate tax-saving methods for you.

  13. Consultant requests or identifies a change (RFC) Clients require a change (RFC) Clarify Client Requirements Contractor requests a change (COR) Report on consequences of change (Cost/Time) Report to Client Review and Modify Consequences of change accepted YES Emergency Issue Contract Instruction (CI) Obtain approval for financial effects (RFA) Issue Contract Instruction (CI) or Issue Change Order (CO) Clarify Clients Requirements Modify Plans (Physical and financial) Change Control Given the fast moving technological environment within which our clients operate there will always be the need for change to meet the demands of internal customers. A strong change control process is therefore vital to mitigate the risk of budget overruns by ensuring that no change is implemented without full prior approval. There are conflicting views as to the most appropriate stage to introduce strict change control procedures, we always recommend that this be implemented at the earliest practical stage in the project. We would take ownership of change control procedures from the outset by managing the change control process to ensure the full implications of a potential change are assessed and fully understood by all prior to a decision being reached.

  14. Other Services As a multidisciplinary team we can offer a variety of services allowing us to provide highly flexible and tailored options depending on our client’s requirements. For further information on any of these additional services please contact us: • Building Surveying • Dilapidation Advice • Party Wall Surveyors • Space Planning & Design • Move Management • Access Consultancy (DDA) • M&E / IT Co-ordination

  15. Building Surveying Services The Gerimus Consulting teams include Chartered Surveyors who are qualified to advise our clients on a wide variety of building ownership / development issues. Whether providing legal advise or undertaking property surveys, our professional team have the necessary expertise and experience required to ensure our client’s interests are protected at all times. The Gerimus Consulting team help and advise you through the property process: Dilapidations & Schedules of Condition Whether you are looking for new or vacating your existing space we can help ensure that your obligations under the lease are dealt with. Schedules of condition should be taken of a space and appended to the lease as a formal record of the condition of the space and what condition you will be obliged to return it to. Schedule of Dilapidations will be prepared toward the end of the lease and record what works are required to fulfil the lease requirements. We can assist by representing Landlords or tenants. Party Wall Awards and Regulatory Advice Boundary disputes are common issues in the construction industry and one which many people do not fully understand . We can act for both property owners who are planning works, or for neighbours next to buildings where work is proposed. We act swiftly and professionally to ensure your interests are protected at all times. Insurance Matters All buildings require insurance and an insurance valuation prepared by our team ensures you are paying the right premium for your property. Without a proper valuation, you may be paying too much and be unnecessarily over-insured. Feasibility Studies As a building owner or tenant you are often faced with feasibility decisions – Should you go ahead with a proposed new building or refurbishment? Is it cost effective to build an extension or should you relocate ? A Feasibility Study prepared by our team will provides the answers. Planned Maintenance Schedules Implementing regular, pro-active maintenance results in a reduction of sudden disruptions. Our team undertake detailed building inspections to identify defects and maintenance requirements and advise clients on monthly, quarterly or annual cycles of planned preventative maintenance requirements. By having a scheduled maintenance plan, our clients are in a position to prepare budgets and forecast costs in advance of work being carried out. Building Surveys and Structural Investigations When acquiring any form of interest in a property you will become liable for a variety of building issues. An independent report from a Chartered Building Surveyor provides both clarity and peace of mind. With extensive experience in interpreting leases, we can ensure that you are fully aware of the obligations you are about to take on.

  16. Space Planning Services Gerimus Consulting can provide a tailored Design Service to businesses and organisations, including commercial, industrial, retail and luxury residential properties. We specialise in refurbishment and alterations in addition to new build: DESIGN POLICY - Our team is committed to providing both a professional and efficient design service which can ensure individuality of design while also maintaining the balance between time, cost and quality of the finished product. Establishing and Evaluating a Brief When as existing plans are provided, we undertake spot checks of measurements to ensure the plans are indeed correct. Where current plans are unavailable, we have the expertise, as Chartered Building Surveyors, to carry out a detailed Audit (including head counts, filing audits, future growth proposals etc) which can be used to form the basis of future designs. Key Factors • Your Brief i.e. establishing what you want to achieve from this exercise. • The physical space and any existing plans • Your headcount, both existing and proposed, including future growth expectations • Filing Audits e.g. how much space does a person actually need? • Furniture and Equipment Inventories e.g. quantity of existing furniture, cupboards, storage • Desking layouts e.g. cellular, option plan, partitioning • Business philosophy including organisational structure, interviews with key business heads etc • Building Regulations and Fire Officer Approvals • Having established the key motivators, constraints and desires, we produce an Executive Summary to form the basis of the Design Brief Space Planning and Design Our expertise enables us to create the ideal interior to suit your practical and aesthetic requirements in the most appropriate and cost effective manner. Our designs can be as creative or mainstream as you want them to be. We can also incorporate modern ideas including hot desking and breakout zones. Our space planners work closely with your in house team and the project managers to ensure space is optimised according to your requirements. Through intelligent space planning, we can ensure that your office is occupied at the most cost effective level, whilst ensuring that its design complies with Health and Safety Regulations and consideration is given to other issues such as the Disability Discrimination Act (1995). We operate a number of design packages including AutoCAD LT. Our space planning experience ranges from 500 to 500,000 sqft buildings and from basic plans through to complex briefs which include AV, data comms, air conditioning, lighting and other M&E installations. In addition, we remain unbiased throughout as we are not linked or associated with any manufacturers or contractors, thus ensuring you receive the most cost effective solution.

  17. Relocation Management Seamless Relocation We are experienced Relocation Managers overseeing the entire relocation project, from initial planning to final hand-over. We take on the responsibility to make your move an efficient & cost-effective solution. Our teams ensure each move is carried out professionally & swiftly, with maximum savings for the client & minimum inconvenience to the building users. Business Continuity Our Move Management team is made up of experienced Project Managers who combine strong organisational attributes with excellent people & communication skills. We formulate & implement relocation plans that ensure minimum disruption to your business. We work closely with your in-house key personnel (Managers, HR, Team Leaders, Facilities Dept) to create a bespoke move plan for the relocation. Our methodology is as follows: • Identify & record existing status of staff, furniture, telecoms, filing, IT etc • Plan new locations of the above in conjunction with Designers &/or Facilities Team. • Liaise with in-house managers as appropriate • Manage physical move companies & other consultants • Formulate a Moves Matrix (phasing, coding, volume) • Provide IT support for relocating PCs ready • Execute Move Plan • Client support & feedback By appointing specialist Move Managers, disruption can be reduced. As Project Managers we provide a one stop solution. We are generally an integral member of the design team & are well placed with your in-house teams to deliver the physical move. It tends to be the natural progression for us to remove the hassle of the actual relocation by planning & co-ordinating the entire move.

  18. Access Consultancy Gerimus Consulting can provide Access Consultancy Services to our clients in response to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA). The DDA was introduced to end discrimination against people with disabilities by creating an environment which is inclusive to all. From 1st October 2004 “service providers” have a legal duty to make their goods, services and facilities accessible to everyone. There are many different considerations and our team are experienced in both evaluating both existing buildings and proposed schemes to ensure that our clients take the reasonable actions as requested by the act. We are trained property professionals, experienced in assessing access requirements. Our building surveyors have a inherent expertise and knowledge of buildings. The professional team at Gerimus Consulting advises clients in respect of the DDA: Property-related issues:(in response to Part 3 of the DDA) • Access Audit Reports and Action Plans • Access Appraisals Corporate matters:(in response to all Parts of the DDA) • Strategic Issues • Corporate/Building policy creation • Staff Training • Formation of Focus Groups • Information Updates • Advice to Employers (in response to Part 2 of the DDA)

  19. M&E and IT Co-Ordination As experienced project managers and co-ordinators we are able to provide overall co-ordination services in respect of a variety of M&E and Data installations by working with our clients in house and/or external specialist consultants. Examples of M&E/IT Co-ordination include: Mechanical Co-ordination • HVAC • Air Conditioning • Heating / Cooling • Ventilation • Hot and Cold Water Supplies Electrical Co-ordination • Power - HV / LV • Lighting • UPS/Generator • Security Access/CCTV • Emergency Shutdown • Audio Visual Installation IT Services: • Data cabling • Client support teams, bespoke and ancillary equipment and market data services • Liaison/interface with telecommunications providers Communication / Patch Room Design: • Power e.g./N+1, Dual Supplier • PDUs • Isolation Transformers • PABX • Leak Detection • ‘Vesda’ and Fire Detection • Fire Suppression Systems

  20. Gerimus Consulting Company Information Full Company Name: Gerimus Consulting Limited Office Addresses: 20 Langdale Gardens Chelmsford Essex CM2 9QH Company Registration No: : 7290031 VAT Registration No: XXXXXXXX Our Insurance cover is as follows: Professional Indemnity £1m Employers Liability £10m Public Liability £2m • Contact Details Tel: +44 (0)207 831 9536 • Fax: +44 (0)207 242 2197 • Email: • Website: www.Gerimus .com Due to the nature of services we provide and the variety of our client base we are fully aware of the requirements for confidentiality. In the event that no formal confidentiality agreement is signed our clients can rest assured that confidentiality is preserved at all times.

  21. Previous Client Experience The Following Examples are of Projects Undertaken by Gerimus Managing Director either through Gerimus or previous employments London: Cat A fit out of multiple trading floors and offices in occupied space. Works included full Mechanical & Electrical delivery, Audio Visual (AV) implementation, IT, high security access and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for trading floors. Floor Area: 33528m2 Restack of occupied office space. The works involved the installation of new and relocation of existing desking on both floors. Floor Area: 1800m2 Refurbishment of existing TV & Radio Studios including editing suites and meeting spaces. Works took place in stages to enable existing facilities to remain in operation throughout. Floor Area: 800m2

  22. Previous Client Experience The Following Examples are of Projects Undertaken by Gerimus Managing Director either through Gerimus or previous employments Dubai: New Office fit-out from Cat A. Including full M&E, AV, IT, trading floor facilities and high level Security installations. . Floor Area: 1200m2 Office Upgrade in occupied space, CAT A re-fit, Including fell M&E, AV, IT, and high level security installations. Floor Area: 1200m2 Israel: Initially Due Diligence to find an alternative office location. Subsequently the works involved installation of new high quality finishes and M&E, IT, AV, and Security. Floor Area: 350m2 Qatar: New Office fit-out in the QFC (Qatar Financial Centre). Included M&E, IT, and all access security installations into office space. Floor Area: 160m2