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  1. 9th May 2012 Do Now: Decide if the statements about Astro are true or false. You will be listening to his version of ‘Lose Yourself’ to check the answers. Autobiography TRUE or FALSE? TRUE or FALSE? TRUE or FALSE? TRUE or FALSE? TRUE or FALSE? TRUE or FALSE? TRUE or FALSE?

  2. Stick the lyrics in your book and annotate the techniques Astro uses. 1. Is this a simile or alliteration? I’m lost in the moment, I look around expecting to see a few friends, But I only see opponents. My job I’m on it, They don’t think I really roam it, But I think about the fact a few years ago I was homeless, But this ain’t ‘The Pity Factor’ so why show emotions I just get on stage hoping they feel it when I’m flowing 15, living the dream I’m a grown man here for me to feel like the results got everybody waiting 2. Which word contrasts with ‘friends’? 3. Is this a play on words or rhyme? 4. What does this slang word mean? 5. Is this rhyme or half-rhyme?

  3. Opinion What do you think is the best line or idea in the song? Write your opinion. For example, I think (“quote”) is the best line in ‘Lose Yourself’ by Astro because…

  4. Cultural Reference • Copy the information below into your book. A cultural referenceare words that have a special meaning for a group of people and can show us the culture of the writer, eg. slang. • Astro refers to Joe Frazier in the lyrics. Who is he? Write down what you know. • Then get the biography worksheet from Ms Donaldson to work on in your book.

  5. Worst auditions • • • •