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My Autobiography

My Autobiography

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My Autobiography

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  1. My Autobiography Name:Jimycah Marie L. Kong Year level: 4RTyear B-Day:December 29, 1995 Section: Bonifacio B-Place: Zone 10 B BLK. 13 brgy. Fatima GSC School Year: 2011-2012 Religion: AglipayAge: 15 Goals in 4rt year: My goal is to achieve high grades and to be include in top 10 achiever Ambition: I want to be a successful geodetic engineer and to be preacher of the gospel of the lord… Likes: I like to read books, to sing, to ride bicycle, to eat and etc. Fears/Weakness: My fears are my parents is not in my side ,to be failed in every task and to get very low grades.

  2. I have a good and responsible parents. My mother and father’s name are Mila Rose Kong and Jimmy Kong respectively. My sister’s name is Mycah Michelle and my brother’s name is Kent James. I have step brother and sister. Their names are Arnel Llegunas and Anna Lloren Llegunas respectively. My life is simple but not so peaceful. When I have a problem, the only things I can do is to meditate and take a pray.

  3. In my life I have many hard experienced that serve as my inspiration like we transfer one place to another. It happens because my father stop his work, then his job mates got jealous in the position of my father and they attempt to kill him so we decided to stop his work. When we transfer into another place I need to moved on in the things that are critical to my happiness. I bear in my mind not to make some revenge but to persevere in study so that someday I can reach my goals with abundant life and with God in my heart.

  4. If I experienced that bad things I also experienced good things that bring a smile to my lips and in my heart. It is, when I’m on the third year level I received A certificate that signify I am a 3rd top achiever in the class and receive some best certificates in the subject. In this 4rt year I strive hard but I am not expecting too much to be place in rank no.1. When my teacher announced the top 10 achiever I’m so bless because I am included in the top 10.

  5. Because of that good matters I received some adoration from my classmates but I’m not worthy of that because I am not God to received such adoration from the people. All things that happen in my life whether it’s bad that serve as my experience or good that make me inspired in all things, I’m still a person who is hard to defeat. All I want in my life is to be a successful geodetic engineer and at the same time to preacher of the gospel of the Lord.