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My Autobiography

My Autobiography

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My Autobiography

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  1. My Autobiography All about Maddison Butcher

  2. My name is Maddison Butcher . I was born in Hamilton at Waikato hospital on the 16 of august 2000 . My mum is Michele Butcher and my dad is Alan Butcher. I have one brother Josh Butcher he was born in 1999. My mums family grew up in New Zealand my dads mum grew up in Ireland and his dad grew up in England. I lived in Hamilton for 2 years Bombay 4 years and Waiaupa almost 3 and a half years now. I've been at Waiaupa primary 4 years and Bombay primary 5 years and still at waiaupa now.

  3. I am a crazy young girl. I love elephants sooo much and no sooo much about them. I love and play soccer and one a second award in my second year of soccer. And I love to draw and do speech. I've won awards in speech and seconds in art. I have 2 dogs cool and spot sadly cool died. They are both Newfoundland's , spot is my brothers dog and cool is my Dog.

  4. A big event that changed my life Was when my dog died on the 8.2.11 he was 6. he was important to me. He got cancer and it was unfixable. He was lying on the ground and couldn’t move cool was lying on the ground nervous so was I saw he was scared but it was obviously his time to go I miss him. When he passed away it made me appreciate life and things cause soon there all gone it left a scare in my heart and I didn't stop grieving.

  5. When I am older I want to go to Africa and look after elephant s and stop people slaughtering elephants because it is a cruel thing that is not needed I also want to be a fashion designer and get a degree in archeologist and veterinary An archeologist is a person who digs dino bones

  6. That was my sooo far life I'm loving it and cant wait to see how my life will end my name is Maddison Butcher and this is my life Bye bye