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My Autobiography PowerPoint Presentation
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My Autobiography

My Autobiography

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My Autobiography

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  1. My Autobiography By Adam

  2. CONTENTS ` My Birth Growing Up My Family My Holidays My Friends My Hobbies Schooling Myfavouritethings My Best Work My favourite players P.E.

  3. BIRTH I was born in Prince Charles Hospital on the 15th October 1997, I was 9lb 10oz I was 22” and I was born at 2.36a.m.

  4. FAMILY My Mother’s name is Louise, she is a teacher, she is kind and she spoils me. My Dad’s name is Graham he is funny and he always takes me out to play football, I have a brother called Owen I like him but he can be annoying, I have a dog called Monty.

  5. FRIENDS I have loads of friends but my best friends are Daniel, Scott, Jack, Joe, Ryan and Morgan. Morgan is really funny and always makes me laugh.

  6. SCHOOLING I have enjoyed school in Nursery and Edwardsville, I like the teachers and the school trips, my favourite school trip was Dolygaer we stayed there for 5 days and 4 nights’ we done lots of fun activities such as canoeing, caving, rock climbing and dragon boating, my favourite teachers are Mrs Andrews and Mrs Caddick they are both nice and like to have fun.

  7. My Best Work

  8. GROWING UP My life growing up was fun and I have enjoyed being with my friends and family, when I was 2 I had a brother called Owen and when I was 4 I was ill a lot so I had to have my tonsils taken out. When I was 5 years old I started playing football in Treharris community centre and when I was 7 I stared playing football for Treharris Western.

  9. HOLIDAYS I like all the holidays I have been on but the best is America, I can remember when I had my 6th birthday in the animal kingdom in Florida, the other holiday I can remember is Lanzorrote it wasn’t the best holiday because I ripped my toenail off on a slide.

  10. HOBBIES I have lots of hobbies but my favourite is football I am lucky because I live by a football field, I also like to climb trees, swim, ride my bike and play rugby.

  11. Favorite things My favourite place ever is my bed. My favourite dog is a pug. I support man united and Cardiff city

  12. My Favourite Players I like all football players but these are my favourite. Messi Kaka Villa Rooney

  13. Celebrating My Achievement in Physical Education Name: Adam Bennett Year: 6 School: Edwardsville Primary School

  14. My Activity Profile Activities I Enjoy I enjoy Kwick kricket, tennis, gymnastics, football and rugby. My Achievements

  15. Evaluating My Best Performance What I am doing well Video or Picture How can I improve