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My Autobiography

My Autobiography

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My Autobiography

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  1. My Autobiography My School Days

  2. Contents • 1.Introduction • 2.Prep • 3.Ones • 4. Twos • 5.Threes • 6. Now

  3. Introduction • Hi my name is Rakibur Rahman. This slide show is about my years in Sunshine Heights Primary School. This slideshow will include my year in prep ,one, two and three.

  4. Prep • You may think I was scared in prep like some children . But I loved school even if I didn’t know some English words. In prep, my teacher was Mrs. Anderson. She was a nice teacher but I liked Mrs. Heath better(she was the other prep teacher). I remember doing a play in front of the assembly. I was brave. My best friend in prep was Nicholas.

  5. Ones In grade one I had Mrs. Kajarsic.I liked Mrs. Kajarsic. She was very nice. My best friends were Hy and Kim. They were really loyal to me as I was to them. In grade one I enjoyed doing maths, English and Grammar. I felt like I was at top of the class. I had lots of Students of the week awards. At the end of the year I got a student of the year. I LOVED IT! It was the best day of my life!

  6. Twos Being a grade two was okay. I was smarter than I was before. Although I wasn’t at the top. That is because there were grade threes and grade two’s mixed together. Some of the grade threes were very smart. I tried my best to get a student of the year. But I didn’t Sandy got it. Sandy is girl in grade two. My friend Kim went to another school and a few weeks later my friend Hy went to another school. I was lonely. A few days later a new boy named Loc came to our grade. And I decided to make friends with him.

  7. Threes When I was Three I had Mrs. Polini for my teacher. I was the 2ndbest student in the class. My friends were Loc, Navish, Richard and Wilson. I mostly played with Navish and Richard. I loved school because the projects and activities were really fun. I got a student of the month from Mrs. Polini. I felt really proud! Grade 3 was AWESOME!

  8. Now • My life is great so far. I want to be an architect when I grow up. I have two sisters. My big sister’s name is Rubina who is in year 7 this year. And my little sister’s name is Ishika who is the youngest of all of us. My teacher is Mrs Nikolan now and I am in grade4.