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My autobiography

My autobiography

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My autobiography

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  1. My autobiography HI! I’m Roselle Joyce Y. Egalan.I hope you like my Autobiography. It was my first time to create my autobiography on MICROSOFT POWER POINT. I’ll try my best to make it interesting to the viewers “.)

  2. ALL ABOUT ME • I am 17 yrs. Old • I love watching TV and to have fun together with my friends. • I am friendly,simple and fearless. • At age of 14 I found my love ones and I got pregnant at age of 15 and his name is John Wesley Francisco. I stop studying during my pregnancy but I decided to continue my study so that I can give a better future to baby. I know it is hard to understand but the important is I learn from my mistake and now I know how important life is.

  3. This is my Egalanfamily.As you can see I have a one brother namely Marc Jarence Y. Egalan. Together with my mama Nelsa Y. Egalan and my papa Miguelito R. Egalan.This picture was a memorable picture for me cause it was a 39th birthday of my mama.Where happy together and thank God to the blessing that he given to us and the one blessing that I receive was my lovely family.I love you mama and papa and to my brother.

  4. My baby His my baby John Wesley Francisco. His birthday is a couple months ago August 15.He is an active and energetic kid. He love playing basketball.

  5. Thanks viewers for having reading my autobiography I hope you enjoy reading this. I hope you learn lesson to my little story. LESSON: Education is important. Its better to study first than to find somebody to love. JOTER25