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My Autobiography PowerPoint Presentation
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My Autobiography

My Autobiography

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My Autobiography

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  1. My Autobiography By ShaeHughes !

  2. Menu My Responsibilities My Birth My Family Pets Dolygaer 1 Friends My Home Dolygaer 2 Memories My School

  3. My Birth I am Shae, I was born on the 2nd May 1998 in Prince Charles Hospital. I weighed 8lb 12oz with blue eyes and fine strawberry blonde hair. I was a very smiley happy, chubby little baby but at times miserable !

  4. My Family Me and My Family

  5. My Home At the moment I live in a Terrace House, I have lived here ever since I was born along with my Mother & Father, my 3 sisters and my brother. My house has 5 room’s, one bathroom and one kitchen, my house is a very big house and I love living here.

  6. My School My Favourite Teacher My teacher is turquoise blue. She is a cool autumn morning In a bright windy meadow full of daisy’s. She is a fluffy soft dressing gown and a soft comfy bed. She is a golden ball and a melted chocolate fondue !

  7. My Responsibilities In school I have a lot of responsibilities like Playground Leading, Fruit and Tuck and Peer Mediation. I really enjoy coming to school and knowing that I am helping out others around me.

  8. Pets I have a lot of pets and they are all very Cute. I have one Husky Dog called Mya, she is 1 year old I also have a Crossbreed called Tikanni he is about 2 years old. I have 3 cats called Tommy, Lilly , Jessie I also have some Tropical Fish.

  9. Friends This is Mine and my 2 friends Ffion and Bethan’s Shadow. Haa. I have lots of nice and lovely friends like: Emily Andrews, Charley Lambert, Lauren Thomas, Lauren Ames, Georgia Watkins, Bethan Goddard, Ffion Evans and Georgia Bolderson. I love them all to bits, they are great friends to have. This is Me, Emily and Bethan when we went to town shopping.

  10. Memories My saddest memory yet is of the day my nan died. That was probably the saddest day of my life so far ! She was 60 years old when she died of a severe heart attack ! I was so sad that few couple of months I don’t think I will ever get over it. Two of my most happy memories are from when my sister took me to a game fair with her boyfriends family. It was a brilliant day. Also one of my other memories are from when my mother and father took me to spain on holiday. I had a lovely fort night.

  11. Dolygaer On the 30th March 2009 me and year six went to Dolygaer. During our visit we done a lot of different experiences

  12. Dolygaer Me, Emily, Bethan and Lauren.  Me, Adam and Jordan  Adam 

  13. Celebrating My Achievement in Physical Education Name: Shae Hughes Year: 6 School: Edwardsville

  14. My Activity Profile Activities I Enjoy I enjoy Netball, Welsh club, Dike of Edinburgh also rugby which we had in school and tennis and hockey. My Achievements My achievements are my Netball skills also I have learnt how to play a number of things including Rugby, Football, Hockey and Tennis.

  15. Evaluating My Best Performance What I am doing well How can I improve