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My autobiography PowerPoint Presentation
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My autobiography

My autobiography

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My autobiography

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  1. My autobiography Hi I’m Mark Ryan I’m 11 years old. I have brown hair and I have greeny blue eyes . I live in Quakers Yard in Merthyr Tydfil. I live with my dad he’s 43 years old. By Mark Ryan

  2. Content page My birth My schools My friends Me and my dad Pets Eco 1 My family Accident & illness Eco 2 My family tree My fav singers eco 3 Past homes My hobbies

  3. My birth I was born on the 28,02,1998 , I was born in prince Charles hospital, I had blue eyes and weighed 7lb 10oz and I was 53 cm tall I was born at 17:25pm. This is prince Charles where I was born this was my when I was a new born baby

  4. Me and my dad this was me and my dad fishing in Spain This me and my dad get back in the boat after swimming

  5. My family

  6. My famliy tree

  7. past homes I have lived in 3 house with my mam and dad. but I live in one just with my dad. I live in even street , fox street , and Brotalowg . Brotalowg was built on the old Webster school site in the early 1990’s.

  8. My schools this is a poem we had to do about are favourite teacher my favourite teacher my fav teacher is sea foam green she is a calm summers day on a warm beach she is sound as rain drops hitting the floor she is soft pj’s and a comfy chairs she is sponge bob And a plate of cheese cake I have been to meithrin , rhyd y grig , Edwardsville primary school

  9. Pets

  10. accidents & illnes I have had 3 accidents 1.. I was in rhyd y grig and I was on a action man scooter and me Jacob , Owen and Rhys were playing a game and the scooter didn’t have grip on the handle bars and the scooter curved and I hit my lip on the end of the right handle bar and it split my left side of my lip open and knocked my front left tooth half way out and I was rushed to hospital in my grampa Pauls car … 2 I was playing with toy swords with my dad and he got the sword off me and flicked it at me and it split in half and cut my head open then I was rushed to hospital in my dads car... 3 I was on holydays in large farm in tenby I was going down a hill on my bike and my Cousin was on my scooter and she was in front of me and I tried to stop but my brakes wasn't working so I told her to move out of the way but my front wheel hit her back wheel and I went flying over my hand bars and scraped my face on the road and the right side of my face ...

  11. my fave singers This is n-dub This metro station This is kings of Leon This is Miley Ray Cyrus This is green day

  12. My hobbies My hobbies are : Playing rugby ,football, tennis , hockey , baseball . I like going on my pc on football manger and ps3 ,xbox360,gba,ds, and watching horror films

  13. my friends this is Sam , we’ve been friends since we were 7 years old This Daniel we have been friends since we were 5 years old This is Lewis we have been friends since we have been 5 years old this is Jacob, we have been friends since we’ve been 2 years old this is me!!!!

  14. Celebrating My Achievement in Physical Education Name: Mark Ryan O’Neill Year: 6N School: Edwardsville primary school

  15. My Activity Profile Activities I Enjoy I like football , rugby, my computer , my ps1, ps2 ,ps3 , xbox 360 , my Ds , Gba , Gbc , My Achievements

  16. Evaluating My Best Performance What I am doing well Video or Picture How can I improve