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My Autobiography

My Autobiography

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My Autobiography

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  1. My Autobiography Environmental Science Ms. Anderson 8/23/10

  2. Some things u should know about me. • My name is Ryan Evans • I am in the 11th grade at Randolph Henry High School. • I play all sports such as football, baseball and a little bit of basketball.

  3. My Siblings • I have an older sister named Tori. • I also have a little sister.

  4. Where and who I live with • I live with my mom and dad in Saxe VA, just south of Drakes Branch VA. • I plan on moving to North Carolina when I graduate.

  5. What I plan to do in my future • I plan to graduate and go to college at NC state and maybe play sports for them. • I want to get a job that pays good. • I will plan my whole life out as I make progress with my plans. • As I grow I will become more experienced in everything I do.

  6. Music • I listen to all kinds of music but mostly country. • I like Colt Ford’s Cricket on a line. • And Kenny Chesney’s Song Boys of Fall.

  7. Type of vehicles I like • I like any ford that was made. • Dodge is ok but I prefer fords. • The reason I like ford so much is because it was a vehicle that was started first ( the model T. ) • My whole family likes ford and we wouldn’t even think about buying a Chevy.

  8. In my free time • In my free time I like to ride four wheelers. • I also like to go hunting and fishing with friends and family on the lake. • On weekends I go to parties and have a good time. • I go noodleling for catfish. • I like to water ski and go tubing with friends.

  9. Places I like to go • I love going to the beach it just takes my mind off of everything and eases me. • I like going to Olive Garden they have awesome food. • I like going to Florida to see my uncle. • And I like going to the lake if I cant go to the beach.

  10. My life • I am pretty much a strait up with you kind of person, and if I don’t like u then I will tell you. • I love to just have fun and party.