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  1. AUTOBIOGRAPHY Lorraine Jane B. Costelo

  2. IT’S ALL ABOUT ME Do you want to know me? Well, let me introduce myself to you. I am Lorraine Jane B. Costelo a.k.a. “raine” for short. I am from the land of San Roque Labangal General Santos City, South Cotabato, Philippines. I was born in Llido clinic, Bula Subdivision, Gen. San. On August 28, 1995. I am now 16 years old. I’m presently studying at General Santos City High School. I’m on the 4th year now.

  3. MY FAVORITES Now, you want to know my favorites, too? So, read this. In foods, I love to eat sweets like chocolates and something like sour food like IBA in our tongue. I also love veggies. It help me to keep and stay healthy! I like sodas when it is hot, specially fresh fruit juices. And when it is cold, milk is what I drink. Ah! I always drink milk every early morning and every night before I go to my bed and sleep. when you ask me who is my favorite artist, well, there is no one I idolize in showbiz, it’s because I love anime and cosplay.

  4. MY PAST TIME AND HOBBIES I used to sleep when I have nothing to do specially every 1:00-2:00 pm. I play guitar when my cousin will bring on our house, I play also Rubik's cube, singing, reading, making a story or manga, drawing, and composing song that I forgot the right tune now.

  5. GOALS IN LIFE My first goal is to finish my studies. Then, I will look for a job or create it so that I can help to my family in terms of financial. Next is to support my younger siblings for their education. And I live my life to the fullest! if you want to know me better and ask some questions, just email me at or simply add me on FACEBOOK. Just search for my name there.