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  1. Autobiography By Margaret Hogan and MacKenzieHeide

  2. Ben Franklin We learned many new things about Ben Franklin from Autobiography and also from the PBS website page about his life: • Ben Franklin created a new type of street lamp that minimized the cleaning necessary to keep the light shining bright. Eventually every street in Philadelphia had one of these lamps! • Franklin invented swimming fins (he was an avid swimmer) • Franklin was a firefighter, as well as a temporary vegetarian

  3. Cleanliness • Our virtue is Cleanliness. • Cleanliness: to tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes or habitation. • More simply cleanliness means that we should always keep what we wear, where we live, and especially our bodies clean and tidy. • Cleanliness adds to a person’s life because if requires you to pay attention to detail and maintain order. By doing this we gain respect from others and respect for ourselves. Cleanliness is all about keeping yourself disciplined and healthy.

  4. Cleanliness

  5. This chart shows the perchentages of handwashing in adults and youths at the Minnesota State Fair. It shows that most people, especially adults can all improve on their cleanliness.

  6. CLEANLINESS SITUATION • A situation where you would practice this virtue would be when you apply for a job. You want to show that you care about the job. Cleanliness helps you gain the respect of the employer. By being well groomed (showering, wearing nice and clean clothes, good posture… etc.), you show that you can represent yourself well and therefore that you would be able represent the business well in the future.

  7. Temptations to Uncleanliness • Being lazy is an example of a temptation that exists to make cleanliness difficult. When you are lazy, you do not have the motivation to take care of yourself. This causes you to present yourself in a way that makes people less likely to respect you. When you are lazy you are more likely to be late and stresses, making you unenjoyable, hard to work with, and possibly even unclean. • People DO NOT like to be around other people who dirty, messy, and smelly