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Trailer analysis

Trailer analysis

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Trailer analysis

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  1. Trailer analysis Kidulthood Louis Eastwood

  2. Genre: this is a dramatic social realism film. It has strong themes of guns, violence, alcohol and drugs. • Narrative: This films revolves around a group of top year school boys in London. These kids get in trouble with bully of the school and have to run away and hide from him throughout. It is very typical of this age group in the fact that kids are symbolised as being criminals and as damaging to society.

  3. Unique selling point: This film is aimed at a niche` market. It is different to other social realism films as it portrays lives of young kids living in London. • Target Audience: This film is aimed at mainly kids of a similar age group to kids being portrayed in the film (14-21). These kids are particularly males who may or not have experienced some of the same things. • Music- The music is very modern and is mainly associated with teenagers or people living in deprived areas. The main genre’s are Hip-Hop, rap, R&B and Dubstep

  4. Camera shots: there are lots of wide shots of buildings to show different council estates and other poor housing which give the viewer a feel of what its like to live in these kind of places. There are close ups of weapons, e.g. bats and knifes and also alcohol. • Pace: the pace of this trailer is very fast, there are lots of images in a very short viewing time. This gets the viewers heart pounding and rises the feel of tension • Dialogue: There is lots of urban slang, such as ‘bruv’ and ‘blood’ and also deep London accents. • Credits and inter-titles: slow motion effect has been used, to show three boys kicking someone on the floor. There is also fast motion used, to show more images in a shorter period of time. This connotes that similar events are repeated on a daily basis