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Trailer vs Trailer

Trailer vs Trailer

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Trailer vs Trailer

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  1. Trailer vs Trailer Paranormal Activity 4 vs Sinister

  2. Sinister Trailer Length: 2:32 Film Length: 110 minutes Directed by: Scott Derrickson Produced by: Jason Blum Budget: $3,000,000 Box office: $39,167,856 Released: 5th October 2012 (UK) 12th October 2012 (USA) The official sinister website

  3. Lighting and colour The trailer starts with shots in the day time (natural light) and progresses to night time as the trailer goes on. As the trailer gradually gets darker the use of artificial light increases. The artificial light used are flash lights, lamp lights and fire. The fire might have been enhanced during post production editing. Also a dark light filter might have been added during this editing stage of the film.

  4. Sound Diegetic: film flickering, static, voices/speach, doors slamming. Non Diegetic: screaming, music/soundtrack, static, fire burning, clock. Script: there is a silence before each jump scare. Also the dialect has been made quieter to make it seem more scary.

  5. Editing Straight cuts: 110 Fade: 23 Dissolve: N/A Cuts: 134 The editing was really creative. Simblinal messages where played over the film flickering. The fades were used at the start of the trailer which is quite common in horror trailer and is apparent in scream (1996). These are often used during happy times and connotes these happy times are slipping away. After the fades the shots become more quick pasted and shorter toward the end of the trailer.

  6. Camera Shots Extreme close ups: 13 Close up : 19 Medium shot: 49 Long shots: 7 High angle: 15 Low angle: 5

  7. Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer length: 1:48 Film length: 88 minutes Directed by: Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman Produced by: Jason Blum, Oren Peli and Steven Schneider Budget: $5,000,000 Box office: $58,283,664 Released: 18th October 2012 Paranormal Activity 4 official website

  8. Lighting and colour There was limited light in this trailer. Throughout there was minimal light, most of it artificial. The only natural light was the sun glaring through the windows other than that there was none. The artificial lights where light off the characters phone and landing lights. Also there was night vision colour filter which varied between blue and green. An interesting effect they used was the phone light on the victims face but darkness behind them which gave the audience fear of the unknown.

  9. Sound Diegetic: voices/speech, screaming Non Diegetic: soundtrack, camera static Script: limited script, brief storyline.

  10. Editing Straight cuts: 35 Fade: N/A Dissolve: N/A Cuts: 35 The editing throughout was just straight cuts. The cut varied . Static was put of the cut to suggest there some sort of ‘paranormal activity’ accruing. The filming was majority done camcorder effect which give us a really domestic feel to the trailer which adds more creepiness to it .

  11. Camera angles The camera angle used in paranormal activity 4 are the same used in the previous paranormal activity films this is called a in house style. Extreme close ups: 1 Close ups : 3 Long shot: 3 Mid shot: 28