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  1. Trailer •

  2. American history x came out to the big screen in 1998

  3. The movie potraits the life of a evolution of a teen who is a Neo – Nazi. To becoming a grown up and understanding the culture he stands for is wrong. Wich leads his younger brother to follow the same steps as he did . But in his case it leads him into losing his life.

  4. The movie portrays the effects of racism on families and the people around them. 

  5. Racism had been a big issue in American in the past years but has greatly improved. • Going from having African Americans as slaves to the President of the United States.

  6. Racism in America has affected a large variety of ethnic groups such as African Americans,Mexicans,andJews. But the mostly affected ethnic groups where the African Americans. This people had to endure a phase where they where slaves thru out the 1600s to the year September 22, 1862 . John Hope Franklin (1993) Claims that is the year when the President Abraham Lincoln put in effect the Emancipation Proclamation which declared the liberation of slaves in any Confederate states (Halls, 2010). Now a days racism seems to have vanished from affecting this ethnic group.

  7. Today there seems to be a great issue of racism in Arizona which has affected the Latino community mainly because of the passing of the .Senate bill 1070 (2010) which states on “Sec. 2, Title 11, Chapter 7 section 11,1051” A law enforcement officer, without a warrant, may arrest a person if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed any public offense that makes the person removable from the United States (SB 1070 ,2010) .This is saying that if a police officer arrests or pulls some he has the right to question his right to be in the United States and ask for prober proof of documentation that he has the right to be here.

  8. In "American history x the movie(1998) portrays a group of teens that associate them self’s with the Nazi believes .They go around wrecking havoc and doing crimes on minority groups which goes out of controls and pushes a teen into killing a African American . The consequences of his make him end up in jail where he learns how to interact with African Americans, and learns they are not what he thought where. There he becomes a best friend with one of them which helps him make it safely out of jail. When he gets out he comes to see his younger brother which is following the same steps he was when he was young. He tries to pull him away from the Nazi group by explaining his new ideals and they way he interacted and how great of people the African Americans where. But in the end its to late his brother is killed in school by a African American which he had offended earlier on in the movie.

  9. The movie shows a lot of hate crimes and racism but in the end it tries to convey the message of not to believe what other people have to say about them without experiencing a relationship with another ethnic group. However ,still now in days many minorities face challenges such as the senate bill 1070 which makes them feel uncomfortable .