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  1. X-RAY By Lucas carter

  2. The history Wilhelm Roentgen is the man who is credited for being the first to accidentallydiscover x rays and later naming them The discovery was made while he was working on effects of cathode rays in 1895 He was experimenting with passing electric current through gases at low pressure. But one day on November 8, 1895,during his observation of the rays in a dark room the emission of the rays caused an illumination on a barium platinocyanide covered screen and caused it to become fluorescent

  3. History After this discovered he used the x-rays using photographic plate to capture the image of various objects that had different thicknesses to them and placed them in the path of the rays Hand mit Ringen (Hand with Rings): print of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen's first "medical" X-ray, of his wife's hand, taken on 22 December 1895 and presented to

  4. What are x- rays (x-ray) X ray: electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target. These can be altered to be used in soft materials such as tissue or in more hard like bones and metals

  5. fields that use x-rays The two fields of x-rays include • use in medical field- • Use in industrial field-

  6. Medical uses X-rays are widely used in medicine to reveal the architecture of the bone and other soft tissues and to find out any abnormality in the form of fracture, growth of tumor etc. It is also used in dental imaging.

  7. MEDICAL X-RAY MACHINES • x-ray radiography (to find orthopedic damage, tumors, pneumonias, foreign objects, etc); • mammography1 (to image the internal structures of breasts) • CT (computed tomography)2 (to produce cross-sectional images of the body) • fluoroscopy3 (to dynamically visualize the body for example to see where to remove plaque from coronary arteries or where to place stents to keep those arteries open) • radiation therapy in cancer treatment

  8. Industrial use X-rays reveal structural information about the material through which it passes or falls over. It can therefore be used to detect structural deficits or cracks in metal objects that are likely to be missed by the human eye. It is also used to reveal stress related changes in building materials for bridges and aircrafts. The use of X-rays in airports to examine for the presence of dangerous weapons or bombs is a routine practice. The cargo is also examined similarly for illegal transit of goods.

  9. Some backscatter X-ray scanners can scan much larger objects, such as trucks and containers. This scan is much faster than a physical search, and could potentially allow a larger percentage of shipping to be checked for smuggled items, weapons, drugs, or people These type of x-rays are also used in smaller scale in airports in security with machines like AIT84 Body Scanner & Castscope

  10. review • With Wilhelm Roentgens accidental discovery of the x-ray(electromagnetic radiation) it has played in important roll in the advancement in medical as well as industrial technology • with the new discovery inventions like the CT scan and the full body scan have been developed help to save people both from injury and stopping terrorism

  11. Notes • Medical use mammograms for soft tissue and ct for deep bone