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11-2 2013/2014. PHYSICS. X-RAY. Created by:. GROUP 6 Fauzan Luthfi Agustin Galuh Laraswangi Ghinarrahmi Afiyatillah. DEFINITION. X-RAY is part of the electromagnetic radiation .

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  1. 11-2 2013/2014 PHYSICS X-RAY

  2. Created by: GROUP 6 Fauzan Luthfi Agustin Galuh Laraswangi Ghinarrahmi Afiyatillah

  3. DEFINITION X-RAY is part of the electromagnetic radiation. X-RAY has a form that similar to ordinary lightrays (like infrared and radio waves), the different is only in terms of wavelength. X-RAY (also called Röntgen) is high radiation energy that has the wavelength is shorter than visible light So, X-RAY can penetrate objects becausethe size of its wavelength.

  4. Characteristic of X-Ray • Moving in a straight line. • Has the power to penetrate an increasingly stronger in voltage used the higher. • Can penetrate certain objects, such as wood up to several cm. • Not deflected by a magnetic field and electric field. • Can detach electrons from the metal are pounded.

  5. ENERGIES • WAVELENGTH ► 30 petahertz – 30 exahertz ◄ ► 0,01 nanometers – 10 nanometers ◄ • FREQUENCIES ► 1,2x102 eV – 1,2x102 keV ◄

  6. The Spectrum of Wave

  7. THE INVENTOR X-rays found by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen(aProfessor of physics from Germany who served at the University of Wurzburg, Bavaria) on November8th , 1895. He found that these rays have the amazing ability to produce images on the photographic film after piercing wipes, clothing and metal. He concluded that X-rays aren’t allowed to seen, moving in a straight line and has a high penetration power, which can penetrate dark objects.He is also the one who gave them the name "X-rays“.

  8. Röntgenshowed this ray comes from wall’s glass when catode light exposed to light him.To validate those finding, he has run a simple experiment. He put the screens are covered with BariumPlatinosianida in the X-raysline. The screens are look like shining when exposed to X-rays. And then, he put his wife’s handbetween catode tube and screens, one shadowof bones clearly visible in those screens. This can prove that X-rays were expelled from catode tube have high penetration power.

  9. Rontgen Tube Required rontgen tube with an electronic source which will be triggered and directed to the target. This process producing 99% heat and 1% of X-ray. Rontgen tube has some criteria, they are: -Has an electron source; -Has force that accelerating an electron movement; -Has electron track in vacuum space; -Has a focusing cup; and -Has a electron stopper.

  10. How it works? Rontgen tube has an electron source from filament in catode that connected to transformator that has flown electricity to that filament, so produce heat. This heating process causes discharge electron. That electron will be accelerated causes by differential tension between cathode and anode. Beside that, rontgen tube is a vacuum tube, so electron move smoothly. In rontgen tube could be found focusing cup, so the electron not spreaded but focus on one line. At the end of this procces, electron will be stopped by electron inhibitors. This proccess producing 99% heat and 1% of X-Ray.

  11. APPLICATION IN DAILY LIFE X-raysare usually used in medical section, such as:

  12. COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY Computed Tomography (CT scanning) is procedur that used to get a picture from a lot of angle ffrom skull and brain bone.


  14. DISADVANTAGE! In Medical X-ray has a high energy that affect dangerously to living tissues. X-Ray able to ionitate molecules and causes abnormality in cell growth.

  15. CONCLUTION X-rays are a type of electromagnetic wave. X-rays have a wavelength of 0,01 nanometers – 10 nanometers. X-rays have a frequency of 30phz – 30ehz. X-rays can made for CT Scan, Radiotheraphy, etc. X-rays founded by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen.


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