x ray prototype n.
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X-Ray Prototype PowerPoint Presentation
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X-Ray Prototype

X-Ray Prototype

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X-Ray Prototype

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  1. X-Ray Prototype Edgar Ritchie

  2. X-Ray Machine One of the interesting ideas about an x-ray machine is able to locate the injury in any place of the body without any examination of any kind of doctors. The idea of this equipment is to solve in what part of the body was injured in manner of seconds without doctors taking a look and trying to examine if it is broken or fracture. With the technology so advanced, any kind of equipment (machinery) is able to determine in seconds of the damage.

  3. RED • The fascinating part about the x-rays is to determine in what section of the hand is broken or fracture. Like in the images on the right side. It would be interesting for the actual machine to tell any kind of doctor where it is located and that a red dot would be blinking or showed on the particular spot of the damage. It is difficult for a doctor to see an x-ray template of where the bone is chipped because the image is dark and the bones are so bright that it gives a bright contrast making it difficult to see every part of the hand. Both images of the right are a perfect example of what an x-ray machine should do or be created in the future for a better reference. ALERT

  4. Problem Resolve!