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Did MTV Ruin America? PowerPoint Presentation
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Did MTV Ruin America?

Did MTV Ruin America?

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Did MTV Ruin America?

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  1. Did MTV Ruin America? Mike Connolly John Bourgeois

  2. Thesis Statement • MTV ruined American teens by portraying inappropriate behavior.

  3. Bad Influence • MTV has many bad influences on American teens. • MTV uses sex, violence, alcohol, and drug related shows. • Did you know? MTV is owned by Viacom, the same company that owns CBS (of Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction”

  4. Music • Music Videos are one example on how teens are affected by what they view. • MTV’s music mostly holds similar content. • Lyrics contains inappropriate lyrics that are shown on MTV that have related words that deals with sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, and money.

  5. Music Content Example • Pete Pablo – “Freak-a-Leak” • * The italics are to represent our thoughts and opinions on each line and what they represent and show to teens. “How u like it, daddy (the way she do it from the front)?-Sexual ReferenceHow u like it, daddy (the way she do it from the back)?-Still Sexual…Getting Dirty..How u like it, daddy (then bring it down like that)?-Morally CasualAnd she know why she came here- “One Night Stand”And she know where clothes suppose to be (off and over there)- Male Superiority[Bleeped ‘Sniff a lil’ coke, take a lil’ X, smoke a lil’ weed,’] drink a lil’ bit- Drug UsageI need a girl I could freak with- Shows Males Only Care About SexAnd wanna try [bleeped ‘s--t’] and ain’t scared of a big [bleeped ‘d--k’]-Morally Casual, Once AgainAnd love to get her [bleeped ‘p---y’] licked by another [bleeped ‘b---h’]- Inappropriate LanguageCause I ain’t drunk enough to do that [bleeped ‘s--t’]” -Alcohol Reference -MTV Music

  6. How MTV Ruined America • MTV absolutely ruined America because of the obscene images it portrays • For example, there was a “Parents Television Council Study” of MTV’s Spring Break programming (March 20-27, 2004) and results showed: • 1,548 sexual scenes containing 3,056 depictions of sex or various forms of nudity and 2,881 verbal sexual references -That means that children watching MTV are viewing an average of 9 sexual scenes per hour with approximately 18 sexual depictions and 17 instances of sexual dialogue or innuendo. -This effects teens because if they are viewing it on television where the target market is for their age, then they think it’s ok to do since its around there age group and they look up to those kind of individuals.

  7. Target Market • MTV is the most recognized television network that is recognized by young adults from ages ranging between 12-34 • 73% of boys watch MTV • 78% of girls watch MTV

  8. Times • MTV often puts those inappropriate shows, such as “ Spring Break” at the times where high school kids are getting out of school. • For Example : Human-sundae eating competition: Three guys lie on stage; whipped cream is placed on their legs and chests. The three girls each straddle a guy and lick the whipped cream off.Nate: “She’s eating whipped cream off some dude’s [bleeped ‘f---ing’] chest right now.”Nate: “If she goes anywhere near his junk, she is so wrong.”Next, the girls switch places and have whipped cream placed all over them, including a cherry on each breast. Guys straddle them and lick the whipped cream off. The camera zooms in close.Nate: “Some dude is about to eat [bleeped ‘s--t’] all over her body.Melissa, in a voiceover: “It’s a little bit strange having some random guy lick whipped cream off of me.” • This show was called One Bad Trip that was aired on 3/20/04 at 2:00 p.m. • This showed how people act in sexual ways which is viewed by the eyes of teens. • Notice that the time it was aired was the same exact time students get dismissed from school.

  9. History of MTV • Music Television a.k.a. MTV was created in August of 1981 • When it first started out, MTV was strictly showing music videos and all things music. • Today, the only way to catch a music video is if you wake up at 5 in the morning to watch it, because MTV only airs reality shows and game shows. • Growing up watching MTV was fun because I got to see all the great videos and realize who the real artists are, now there is a lot of unnecessary shows being played. • These affect teens as they grow up because the things they see and hear as they grow up influence them to be the same way which can lead up to bad decisions that teens might be involved with. • The fact that this is one of the most popular TV programs right now proves that a lot of teens will follow those inappropriate behaviors because its looked at as being “cool.”

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