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Local Spinach! PowerPoint Presentation
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Local Spinach!

Local Spinach!

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Local Spinach!

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  1. Local Spinach!

  2. Spinach: a cool weather crop We can have fresh, local spinach in May in Whatcom County because it grows here all winter long. That’s handy! PHOTO: Spinach grows much like lettuce & kale, with big leafy greens sprouting from very small seeds.

  3. Eat a rainbow! Spinach is a fabulous GREEN food Its deep color shows you that it is rich in vitamins. It has lots of vitamin C, and is high in beta carotene, which our bodies convert to vitamin A. Bright, vibrant-looking spinach leaves look yummier because they are more nourishing. Spinach leaves that are brighter green & look healthier have more vitamin C in them than washed-out, pale leaves. Foods that vary in color vary in nutrients, too. A great way to be sure you are getting all the vitamins your body needs is to think about eating a rainbow. How many different colored fruits and vegetables did you eat today?

  4. Popeye was right! Spinach is very high in vitamins and minerals, and is a good source for Vitamin K, which helps prevent scrapes and cuts from bleeding too much. Popeye the Sailor Man was a popular cartoon character whose muscles popped up– larger than life-- when he ate spinach. “I’m strong to the finish ‘cause I eats my spinach!”

  5. It’s not hard to find an edible rainbow… Enjoy spinach for Harvest of the Month Once you start looking, bright, multi-colored, fresh food is everywhere! It is easy to eat a rainbow of fresh fruits & veggies in Whatcom County! … and don’t forget to thank your server