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Strand Jacks

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Strand Jacks

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Strand Jacks

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  1. Strand Jacks Jack Assembly Jack Jack support beam Multi-strand cable Fixed anchor & housing Very heavy load

  2. Strand Jacks Jack Components Jack Jack (top) anchor Jack support beam Centre hole jack Multi-strand cable Main (bottom) anchor Fixed anchor & housing Very heavy load Jack support beam Multi-strand cable

  3. Strand Jacks Jack (top) anchor Mini jacks Wedges Conical holes Centre hole jack

  4. Strand Jacks Main (bottom) anchor Centre hole jack Conical holes Wedges Mini jacks Jack support beam

  5. Strand Jacks Jack Components Jack Jack (top) anchor Jack support beam Centre hole jack Multi-strand cable Main (bottom) anchor Fixed anchor & housing Very heavy load Jack support beam Multi-strand cable

  6. Strand Jacks - Range

  7. Strand Jacks - Strand Vitally important to strand jacks are the strands. These are 18mm diameter and are formed from seven wires. The seven wires are wound together to form a helix. After winding they are drawn through a die to compact and harden them. The resulting strand has a guaranteed ultimate tensile strength of 38 tonnes and a factor of safety of 2.5 is normally applied to this to give the safe working load of 15 tonnes. Other factors of safety have been used from 2.0 (short term load during a pulling operation) to 9.0 (inside a nuclear containment area) but 2.5 has been adopted as the industry norm.

  8. Strand Jacks – Power Packs Power packs provide the oil to the jacks and can be powered by diesel engine or electric motor. All power packs have direct, panel mounted, monitoring and control systems. Further electronic monitoring can display number of lift strokes completed and individual stoke positions at each jack. Similar control and monitoring facilities can also be positioned remote from the power pack to fully computerised systems, including automatic lifting and lowering capabilities. Maximum pumping pressure, hence jack lifting force, can be pre-set or altered at will by pressure control valves on the panel.

  9. Strand Jacks – Remote Control Remote control: The control system is a PC operated system to operate up to 20 jacks with total synchronisation. The system features are: Lift and load sensitive detection Overload detection Lift counting Adjustable equalisation of jack strokes during operation

  10. Strand Jacks –Advantages Comprehensive, completely automatic, remote control and monitoring where required; Mechanically fail-safe gripping mechanisms; Pre-set overload protection; Automatic synchronisation of lifting speeds irrespective of loads; Ample operating speeds; Load is held mechanically not hydraulically at any time movement is stopped; Movement can be stopped and held indefinitely at any point in jack stroke; • Extremely precise adjustment of the lift for setting of weld gaps or the fitting of steelwork connecting bolts; • Automatic lifting and lowering without any personnel in attendance at the jacks; • Easy re-distribution of the jack loads; • Minimal maintenance of gripping mechanisms; • Gripping mechanisms are fully accessible at all times; • Full efficiency in all attributes from vertical through to horizontal; • Completely self contained & very rugged.

  11. Hammerfest Project Fagioli performed the erection of a 137m high flare stack weighing 638 tonnes. It was raised using two of Fagioli 2nd Generation Towerlift masts erected to a height of 76.7m. A cantilever lifting arrangement was used and required two L450 lifting jacks and two L300 tie-back jacks. Two SPMTs (20 axles) were used for tailing.

  12. Sahara Project Erection of a 883te vessel. The vessel was erected using Fagioli unguyed Towerlift system in crosshead beam arrangement. Tower height was 64.9m. Four L450 strand jacks were used for lifting. Rigging included a swivel arrangement for reactor rotation. Second (smaller) vessel erected on the same site.

  13. Gatwick Airbridge (1) The lifting system comprised of standard Fagioli PSC Towerlift masts and Strand Jacks - the configuration adopted for this operation was as follows: • Towers inclined together to form A-frames. • Four twin top frames incorporating jack support beams. • Four twin base frames and eight 90 feet high rectangular (3m x 2m) format towers.

  14. Athens Stadium Fagioli carried out the lifting of the tubular arch sections forming the main members of the new Athens Olympic Stadium roof for the 2004 games Tube sections weighed up to 600 tonnes and were lifted to height of 85 metres.

  15. Korean Airlines Hanger The hanger roof at Incheon Airport is one of the largest ever built measuring 180m x 90m and weighing over 5,540 tonnes. The lift utilised two L600 Strand Jacks on each of the six permanent support columns.

  16. BP Pompano Roll-up The Pompano jacket is one of the world’s largest steel offshore platforms. It stands 400m tall on a base that is 128m square at the mudline. Fagioli were awarded a contract for the supply on hire and operation of a jacking system and associated engineering services. For the Pompano roll-up 16 Fagioli L600 jacks, in tension frames, were fastened by slings to the outer edges of the panels. During the initial lift stage the jack system carried 7,700te, at 30 degrees the load on the jack system was 9,500te.

  17. Yoho Deck Lift Lifting of upper and lower deck using eight L600 jacks and four L300 jacks The Upper Deck weighing 740te was lifted to a sufficient height to allow the delivery of the Main Deck, Mezzanine Deck & Trusses beneath. The Upper Deck was then lowered and connected to the assembly below. The complete assembly of Upper Deck, Main Deck, Mezzanine Deck & Trusses weighing 3,735te was lifted to allow the delivery and assembly of Cellar Deck & Mezzanine Deck beneath. The Upper Deck, Main Deck, Mezzanine Deck & Trusses were then lowered and connect to the assembly below.