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Queen Elizabeth I.

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Queen Elizabeth I. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I. Part 1: The childhood of Queen Elizabeth I. Part 2: Her services and events from 1559 to 1600 Part 3: Elizabeth & the Spanish Armada Part 4: Elizabeth & the political scene Part 5: The end of her life. Queen Elizabeth I. Part 1. Queen Elizabeth I.

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Queen Elizabeth I.

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    1. Queen Elizabeth I.

    2. Queen Elizabeth I • Part 1: The childhood of Queen Elizabeth I. • Part 2: Her services and events from 1559 to 1600 • Part 3: Elizabeth & the Spanish Armada • Part 4: Elizabeth & the political scene • Part 5: The end of her life

    3. Queen Elizabeth I • Part 1

    4. Queen Elizabeth I HER CHILDHOOD

    5. Queen Elizabeth I September 7th 1533: Queen Elizabeth was born to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Another disappointment ! Another step to the gallows !

    6. Queen Elizabeth I She was born in a dangerous time because her father was very aggressive. After Henry‘s first wife, Catherine of Aragon had given to him only one daughter who would later be Queen Mary I, he wanted to get a divorce, because then he could marry the beautiful Anne Boleyn.

    7. Queen Elizabeth I But the Pope didn‘t allow this, so Henry broke the Catholic tradition and invented the Protestant Church of England. Then the Pope had no influence on the island.

    8. Queen Elizabeth I Elizabeth didn‘t have an easy life at the court. Her father was angry that she was a girl and not a boy. And her mother was executed when Elizabeth was 3 years old.

    9. Queen Elizabeth I After her mother‘s death Elizabeth had to live in Hatfield House, because Henry invalidated the marriage to Anne. So he could marry his next wife, Jane Seymour. Finally Henry got his son.

    10. Queen Elizabeth I Elizabeth was a very sensible and precocious girl. Although she had just a small chance of becoming queen - anyhow as long as Henry ruled - she was the king‘s daughter and could enjoy an almost royal upbringing.

    11. Queen Elizabeth I Elizabeth mastered her studies of classic literature, rhetoric, history and moral philosophy with the help of her teacher Roger Ascham.

    12. Queen Elizabeth I • Moreover she learned 4 foreign languages: • Italian • French • Greek • Latin

    13. Queen Elizabeth I After all Catherine Parr, Henry‘s 6th wife, allowed Elizabeth to come back to the royal court.

    14. Queen Elizabeth I Important year: In the year 1547 the wife murderer HENRY VIII died !

    15. Queen Elizabeth I The successor of Henry VIII was his only 10-year-old and sick halfbrother Edward. Everybody expected him to die soon. Catherine Parr married Lord High Admiral Thomas Seymour.

    16. Queen Elizabeth I Important year: In the year 1549 CATHERINE PARR died !

    17. Queen Elizabeth I Important year: In the year 1553 EDWARD died !

    18. Queen Elizabeth I Important year: In the year 1553 MARY I became queen !

    19. Queen Elizabeth I End of Childhood !

    20. Queen Elizabeth I • Part 2

    21. Queen Elizabeth I • Her services and events from 1559 to 1600

    22. Her events and services from 1559 to 1585 • 1559: The crowning of Elizabeth I. in Westminster Abbey • 1559: Through the change of the Act of Sovereignty and the Act of Uniformity, she tried to unite England in religion and domestic politics

    23. Her services from 1586 to 1590 • 1587: The parliament executes Maria Stuart on February 8th in Fotheringhay Castle without Queen Elizabeth I knowing about it. • 1588: The defeat of the “Spanish Armada”

    24. Queen Elizabeth I • Part 3


    26. THE REASONS FOR THE BATTLE • Philip II of Spain had no reason to be happy with Elizabeth : • First she was aiding the Netherlands with troops , and she helped them to fight against the Spanish rule . • Her pirates attacked his ships and stole their cargo ; • And worst of all Elizabeth refused him to marry when she became Queen .

    27. Francis Drake‘s raid on the Spanish fleet in Cadiz caused Philip to speed up his plans . • So Philip II sent his Armada to invade England in 1587 . • The English had been preparing for this since Mary‘s death in 1587 . • But only less than half the Spanish fleet left the port .

    28. THE BATTLE • The Spanish galleons were large and difficult to manuever in comparison to the smaller and faster English ships.

    29. The Armada was unable to land on the English shore because of the size of their ships . • The soldiers couldn‘t come on land . • But the use of land troops was an important part of Philip`s plan .

    30. The English also used fireboats to destroy the Armada . • A fireboat is a unmanned ship which is covered in tar to sail into the opposing fleet • The fireboats were also loaded with explosives and gunpowder .

    31. The fireboats were so effective that the Armada was almost destroyed . • Only 67 ships returned to Spain . • Overnight England became one of the most powerful countries in Europe .

    32. Queen Elizabeth I • Part 4


    34. Elizabeth was a master of political science . • She showed great wisdom by getting round the decisions of the Parliament , playing one off against another . • Only a few English Kings or Queens enjoyed such political power , while they still enjoyed the loyalty of the English society .

    35. Queen Elizabeth I • Part 5

    36. Queen Elizabeth I • The end of her life

    37. The end of her life • 1601: Her “Golden speech” which gave an overview of the great performances during her reign • 1603: Finally she died on March, 24th in Richmond (London)