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Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth

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  1. Queen Elizabeth By Mark Harding and David Drake

  2. Childhood • Queen Elizabeth was born on September 7th, 1533 • She was born at the Greenwich Palace • Queen Elizabeth was named after her two grandmothers and there names are Elizabeth Howard, and Elizabeth of York

  3. Queen Elizabeth was never married. Her rule began the return of the Henrican Reformation.

  4. Queen Elizabeth’s father was henry VIII and her mother is Anna Boleyn , Henrys second wife • Elizabeth's mother was killed when Elizabeth was two years old. She was accused of high treason.

  5. To her fathers eyes she was a disappointment. • Even though Elizabeth’s dad killed her mother Elizabeth was fond of her father. • As a child she was given a very good education.

  6. Fashion • She was a great follower of Fashion. • When she wasn’t around people she wore gowns and would were the same gowns for about 2 or 3 days.

  7. When she was around people she dressed really fancy. • Clothes were very important to Elizabeth and her family. They all dressed to there wealth. • She needed to dress better than every one else. • No one was allowed to dress like her.

  8. The maids complemented her appearance. • The maids gowns were white and silver. • She had dresses with a lot of colors that symbolizes that she hasn’t had sex yet.

  9. Her gowns were decorated with diamonds, rubies, jewels, and sapphires. • She would have accessories like a fan or a pomander to keep away bad smells. • She wore earrings or a diamond and pearl necklace.

  10. Robert Dudley gave her a watch in a bracelet. • That is the first known wristwatch in England. • When she was outside she wore rich velvet cloaks and gloves.

  11. She was never completely dressed without her makeup. • In 1562 she had small pox and used a lot of makeup to cover up her scars. • She used white lead, vinegar, rouge, red dye, and egg white to paint her face. This was very bad for her health. • She influenced her fashion to all and encouraged her courtiers to dress good.

  12. Politics • Queen Elizabeth reigned 1558- 1603. • She began the period of peaces religious stability.

  13. She had a fear of Spanish invasion. • Spanish Armada 1588. • She supported the Protestant religion.

  14. Philip the 2nd attempted to invade England. • His purpose was to restore Catholicism. • England prevailed due to a gale force wind that forced the Spanish ships back know as the “Protestant Wind”.

  15. Male counterparts thought she would not be an effective leader • However, she made decisive and clear policies

  16. Queen Elizabeth's cousin the catholic Mary Queen of Scots Tried to rebel against Queen Elizabeth and Protestantism. • Queen Elizabeth had her Executed.

  17. Queen Elizabeth was known as “good Queen Bess” • The era of her reign was known as the Elizabethan age.

  18. During Queen Elizabeth’s reign William Shakespeare performed plays. • His plays were also performed during this time adding to the Elizabethan culture.

  19. Death • She died on March 24, 1603. • She was buried at Westminster • She Reined for 44 years, 4 months, and 5 days,

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