my life in the art and technology course discovering my inner creative techie n.
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My life in the Art and Technology Course: Discovering my inner creative techie PowerPoint Presentation
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My life in the Art and Technology Course: Discovering my inner creative techie

My life in the Art and Technology Course: Discovering my inner creative techie

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My life in the Art and Technology Course: Discovering my inner creative techie

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  1. My life in the Art and Technology Course:Discovering my inner creative techie By Charles Chip Mc Neal

  2. STAGE ONE: Fear and Loathing My thoughts were…“This is too much material”. “We’ll never get through this. “I hate computers, sort of. I think?”

  3. How will I learn all these processes and programs? • Audacity • Inspiration 9 • PowerPoint Basics Alternative Assessment Scanning Animoto iMovie Advanced PowerPoint MovieMaker Video Still Digitizing KidPix 4 Multiple Intelligences - MI Pizza Photoshop Video Clip Digitizing Animoto Sound Companion Sound Digitizing Portfolio Assessment

  4. STAGE TWO: Reflection and Re-Framing So, what would I say to one of my students at a time like this? What would Ms. Michelle do?

  5. Chip, how can you change or improve this experience? REFLECTION REFRAMING • I am afraid of failing • I will not grow without confronting this experience • My hopes are high • I love doing some things on the computer… • I will learn to use contemporary software • I can do this • I will be able to use these skills in my work • I will be able to create impactful presentations • I will become more comfortable with computers • I will have new skills • Just Breathe… • I have emotional intelligence, the computer does not!

  6. STAGE THREE: Experimentation and Practice The only way to learn to do anything, is to begin, and then practice, practice, practice.

  7. STAGE FOUR: Unexpected Successes OK, I am feeling surprised an amazed that with practice and focus; you can learn to use software faster than you thought.

  8. Everything takes more time than you think. I never considered that this Mind Map would take over 20 hours to make!

  9. Experimenting: Using Sound and Video

  10. Peruvian Holiday A Video Experiment

  11. STAGE FIVE: No More Fear – Seeking Creativity I will get farther if I just relax and try my best. I’ll simply choose to be happy and enjoy myself.

  12. How do I share this knowledge?

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  14. No More FEAR It’s time for new expectation

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  16. Credits Written, Produced and Directed By Charles Chip Mc Neal

  17. Images Jkjkjll;kl; Khkljl;l;kl; Llkj;;lklk’; Music Daniel Berkman SEAL “A Kiss By A Rose” Llklkl kjllklklkl Special Thanks and Gratitude Michelle Strickland Micah Lubensky Stacey Blakeman Dina D. Toy