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  1. TITLE: EFFICACY OF COMMANDER (Oxyfluorfen) IN THE MANAGEMENT OF WEEDS IN ONIONS Project to be conducted by: NAME: ANDREW NZUKI MANZOLO Reg. No.: A22/0058/2009 Course: Bsc. Agriculture (Crop Protection major) Supervisor: Prof. J.W Kimenju Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection, University of Nairobi. PROJECT PROPOSAL PRESENTATION

  2. Red Creole is the variety of onion widely grown and consumed in Kenya. • It’s optimal production is limited by poor, little or no management of weeds. • Negative effects of weeds in onions: stunted growth, triggers initiation of onion bulbs in vegetative stage and alternate hosts for pest and diseases in onions. • Therefore, it’s necessary to control weeds in onions to avoid huge crop loss. • Currently, use of GALIGAN (oxyfluorfen) in management of weeds in onions has shown negative effects-low yields Introduction

  3. Weeds are a major limiting factor in onion production-resistance. Galigan (50ml/20ml)-has not been effective in control of weeds in onions Justification Find a new and effective rate of application of oxyfluorfen. Problemstatement

  4. General objectives • To manage weeds in onions effectively using oxyfluorfen to increase yields in onions Specific objectives • To come up with a suitable rate of application of oxyfluorfen to control weeds in onions • To produce clean and quality onion produce due to absence of weeds • To compare the action of COMMANDER(test herbicide) with GALIGAN(Standard herbicide) Objectives

  5. COMMANDER(Oxyfluorfen)-test herbicide • Onion seedlings (Red Creole) • Marker tapes and strings • 16 liter knapsack sprayer • Marker supporters • Fungicide (Master 72) • Insecticide (TWIGA ACE) • Fertilizer-D.A.P, C.A.N and N.P.K Materials

  6. Field layout: plots 2 by 2M (17 by 7M) Spacing: inter-plot spacing 0.5M, onion spacing 6-10 cm, inter-row spacing 30cm Number of onion plants per plot 140 Methodology

  7. Project layout • Applied treatments • T1 will be weed throughout • T2 will be weed free • T3 will be farmers practice • T4 will be 43.4 ml COMMANDER in 20l of water • T5 will be 65ml COMMANDER in 20l of water • T6 will be 86.6 ml COMMANDER in 20l of water and • T7 will be 50ml of GALIGAN in 20l of water

  8. The weed data will be taken after every two weeks until the 4th data. Weeds to be sampled: narrow leafed(star grass, love grass and sedges), broad leafed (datura, gallant soldier, o. latifolia, amaranthus, wandering jew and targetes minuta) Details of data will include: spp of the weed, No. of each weed spp, height of each weed, survival rate of onions after treatment, scoring for chlorosis, twisting of onion leaves and stunted growth. Parameters to be observed

  9. Work plan

  10. Budget