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  1. Dreaming ofoffering thebest coffee intheworld since1933


  3. IllyCaffèwasfoundedin1933byFrancescoIlly. Itisafamilybusiness and today the third generation ismanaging it. The company isfamous in everycontinent because of the high quality of its coffee, which has a uniquevelvetflavor. Illy Caffè creates and shares with itsstakeholdersitsvalues, which are rooted in ethics. Commitment, transparency, sustainabilty and personal development are the pillarsthrough which the company strives for excellence. THE COMPANY IN NUMBERS: click here Home

  4. ILLY CAFFE’ IN NUMBERS +1500 Artists of coffee taste worldwide 100,000 retailers serving Illy coffee 1,269 New single-brand POS opened in 2016 +236 Illy Caffè and Illy Shop worldwide 22 New single-brand POS opened in 2016 Havealookofthecompany’stopsalespersonandmuchmorehere Company’s overview back Home

  5. Trieste hasalwaysbeenknown as the capital of coffee… was there a betterplacewhere to found Illy Caffè? Click on the dates to find out much more! 1957 1965 1999 2002 1933 1935 1991 1995 1980 2013 2006 2008 1996 2001 1982 1992 2003 2007 2015 1939 2011 1934 1962 1974 Home

  6. 1933 Francesco Illy, with Hungarianorigins, moved from Vienna to Trieste, where he founded Illy Caffè. He founded Illy Caffè because he had one dream: to offer the best coffe of the world 1934 Illy Caffè obtained the patent for the revolutionary for the pressurizaitionsystem, which isstillused today from the company top package itsproducts. From now on, coffe can be shippedacross the globe, without it losing the flavor and delicioussmell 1935- 1939 Iletta, the first coffee machine was born, thanks to the system of separationbetweenheating and pressuringsections for water. Illy obtained the patent. Illy hasbecomeambassador of the espresso culture in Europe 1957 First research lab was created. Ernesto Illy, son of Francesco, obtained a college degree in chemistry and started to givehispreciouscontribute to the family business. 1962-1965 The company keptexpanindgacross Europe. A new branch was established in Holland and the headquarters were built in Trieste. The dream to go international was finallybecoming reality 1974 Illy Caffè gained the patent for the single-dose of coffee, which allowed the consupmtion of the perfect espresso evenat home. A radical innovation that brought Illy on the global scenario. back Home

  7. 1980 Illy Caffè is the first Italian coffee company to export coffee to the UnitedStates and therefore the espresso culture 1982 Illy Caffè obtained the patent for a digital coffee machine, which isable to separate the coffee grainsaccording to color and shape, in order to guarantee the perfection in the choice 1991 Premio ErnestoIlly de Qualidade do Cafèpara Espresso was born, which enables a directcooperationbetween coffee producers and Illy. This eventwillboost the cooperation with the Brazilianplantations 1992 IllyArtCoollection: The iconic cup was born. Illy art collection becomes bigger throughout the years, thanks to the many new artists who want to tell a story on porcelain 1992-1995 Blend Illy, the best arabica was launched. Right after, Illy launches the new stylish coffee machine, Francis Francis 1996-1999 Aroma Lab was born: a lab to study the best flavors of Illy. Soonafter, the University of coffee was established: itsmissionis to spread the Italian culture of coffee, in order to improvequality and sustainability back Home

  8. 2000-2002 The packaging changes and it becameinstantly an international trend. The photographerSebastiaoSalgadobeganhisjourney to tell the story of coffee producers in pictures. The projectlasts 14 years 2003-2006 Illy Caffè founded espressamente Illy  illyshops were officiallyborn. The espresso capsule was created a fewyearsafter with 5 internationalpatents 2007-2008 Illy developsits moka. At the same time Mitaca, a specializedbranch, takes over the coffee market in the companie’soffices. Moreover, Coca Cola and Illy collaborationbrought to Illy ready to drink. 2011 Responsiblesupplychain: Andrea Illy was the first entrepenuerwhowanted to certify the sustainability of the coffee used by its company and Illy started to analyze the social, environmental and economic impact of every Illy stakeholder 2013 Illy was inserted in the list of mostethical companies of the entire world. In the sameyear, it developed the new soft can. 2015 Expo Milano: the biggest coffee celebration in the entirehistory. Illy coordinated the events of the Coffee Cluster, which resulted in 13 millionvisits back Home

  9. Everything that Illy Caffè does, is about creatingsharedvalue for its stakeholders. They believe that sustainability is the way to pursue that mission, by using the besttechnologiesto produce and share the bestofNature’scoffeewith the world.The Sustainable Value Report describes the strategies and actions Illy Caffèuses to implement sustainability in its various forms: economic, socialand environmental. The aim of the report, drafted in accordance with the rigorous GRI.4 sustainability reporting guidelines and verified by an independent third party, is to illustrate how the company’s values translate into performance thanks to its global approach to responsiblemanagement.There are four sections: Identityvalue Socialvalue Environmentalvalue Economicvalue Home

  10. Identity Presenting the values and history of Illy Caffè, its global presence, organisation, approach to sustainability, investments in quality and innovation. • 4 pillars: • Selection • Training and incentives • Recognize Quality. Guarantee a profit • Build a Community and Culture of Excellence back Home

  11. Social value Illustrating the fundamental importance of human relations, and its relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and local communities. back Home

  12. Environmental value Showing how, through a responsible use of resources today, illycaffè intends to forge a future for tomorrow by reducing emissions, the careful use of water, the sustainable use of energy, the responsible disposal of waste and end-of-life products, and transport. back Home

  13. Economic value Explaining how Illy Caffèpromotes the growth and development of coffee growers, investing in the company and redistributing the economic wealth it creates. back Home

  14. University of coffee Education and know-how are critical to coffee’s quality: for the grower seeking to coax the best from his harvest; the barista dedicated to delighting his customers and coffeelovers seeking to enjoy the pleasure of a well-made cup in their own homes.Sharingcoffeeculture and knowledge is the inspiration behind illy’sUniversitàdelcaffè (the University of Coffee) which was first opened in Naples, Italy in 1999and then moved to Trieste in 2002.  Today there are morethan20branches worldwide,  each a center of coffee excellence promoting the latest coffee research and and understanding from bean to cup. The Universitàdelcaffèteachesproducershow to get the best from nature, assiting with in-field training on the most environmentally responsible cultivation, harvesting and processing techniques and with courses on the business of sustainable agriculture.Forhospitalityprofessionals,Università del caffè coursework encompasses intensive, hands-on training on coffee preparation and menu development, the latest in coffee bar management and marketing, and practical ways to enhance the customer experience.And for coffee lovers, a curriculum developed expressly for consumers spans coffee history, basic chemistry and biology, and an appreciation for the taste and aroma of fine,premium-quality coffee. Home